Knit Bow Ear warmer

With colder weather quickly approaching it is time to start thinking about staying warm, if you haven’t already. The question always is, how do I stay warm, look Chic, and be different? Well you make your own accessories, or find someone to make them for you.

This is a pattern I discovered last year, and it is a free Ravelry download. It is a knit bow ear warmer by Beth Postelwait. She uses short rows for shaping. If you are not familiar with short rows, here is a great Youtube video by Knitpicks to get you through it. She explains short rows, wrapping and turning, and making mistakes, so set time aside to watch the whole thing, it’s great for beginners.

What makes this pattern different from other bow ear warmer/headbands is the shaping. Sometimes when you add a bow to a headband it could look bulky or out of place. The shaping mimics the shape of the bow so it just….fits. Plus I L-O-V-E using the bow as an opportunity to practice my color work for larger projects. This style is so versatile, it can be worn many different ways.


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Monster hat pattern review

Since I am new to crocheting, I occasionally need assistance with new creations. I am not to proud to admit that I am a pattern purchaser. YUP, that’s right, I pay money for patterns. That way I can have the satisfaction of creating something by hand, without the hair pulling of figuring out shaping, decreasing, etc.

I recently purchased a few patterns from Simply2Irresistible on Etsy. I HIGHLY recommend her. First you’ll need to know basics of crocheting, YouTube is a terrific resource for that. All you’ll need to do is input the stitch name, crochet, and a well placed “How to” and you’ll get tons of help.

Back to the pattern, I bought the Monster hat pattern, it is a total catch all. She provides you with instructions on hat sizes from newborn to adult. From there you create your own unique hat with the tools she gives you. Flaps, or no flaps? Braids, or twists? Spikes or horns? Eyes in all different shapes, circles or stars? Fangs for teeth or square teeth? So many possibilities!

These two are my newest ones.

DSC00618 DSC00593

See? Both completely different and totally awesome. Thanks R. McColm for the pattern assist, you rock!

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OVW Granny Bottom Bag

I am on a super bag kick as of late. I think it is one of the best summer yarn accessary, plus it couples my knowledge of sewing, CRAFT POWERS UNITE!

Since I am trying to perfect my crochet stitches to the, oh so high, perfectionist, standards of my sister, I try to use YouTube as much as possible. One of my all time favorite YouTubers is OVW (One Virtuous Woman). She is really easy to understand, is funny, and gives great instructions. Her Granny bottom bag is really simple, an over sized granny square with the sides gathered in. WHAT? Yup, that’s it.

Her video is a 2 parter, the first part is the granny square. Link:

Second part is decreasing the sides. She forgets to tell you to add the lining before decreasing, so ADD THE LINING BEFORE DECREASING. Link:

I sewed the lining by hand, which is not very easy for me. I used this video to perfect my hand whip stitch, just fast forward till about 8 minutes in for the hand whip stitch. Sound quality is not great, but viewing is fantastic. Link:

I loved making this bag! This is what mine looks like.


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Patriotic Infinity scarf

I am a self proclaimed knitter, I’ve been a knitter since my daughter was a wee one. It took me years to finally learn crochet, and now I can’t seem to step away from it. I feel so unfaithful to needles, I’m cheating on them with a HOOK!!! That hook is a dirty, dirty mistress that entices me with it’s brightness, pins on Pinterest and oh so many Youtube videos. Seriously, when I look up a possible project, there are way more crochet videos than knit. Plus my sister is always coming up with the cutest DIY’s and they’re all crochet. Oh woe is the double needles that have fallen into the peer pressure of the single with a hooked tip; AKA ME!  

Well enough of that….. I have made my first original crochet project, WOOT WOOT! 

Fayetteville is proclaimed as “America’s Hometown” (I didn’t make it up, it’s in their destination guide), so I’m pretty confident they take 4th of July celebrations seriously around here. I decided that I must be prepared to show my patriotism. Hence the birth of my Patriotic infinity scarf (trumpets playing)……


It was a lot of fun to make. I used my new favorite inexpensive Red Heart With Love yarn. I first found it at Walmart, Joanne’s has a great selection also, and Michael’s started carrying it. It is softer than the regular Red Heart yarn, but the same thickness. I think it’s great!

For the body I used US L crochet hook (8.00MM), and for the area the buttons are on I used a US K crochet hook (6.50MM). The colors can be used in any way you like, my pattern was red, white, blue, white, repeat. For my scarf A is red, B is White and C is blue. I crocheted this piece in the round.

Chain 100 with color A, connect with slip stitch

Round 1: Color A, Single crochet across

Round 2: Color B, Single crochet across

Round 3: Color C, Double crochet in back loop only

Round 4: Color B, Single crochet across

Round 5: Color A, single crochet in back loop only

Repeat these 5 round until the desired length. I repeated 6 times on my piece.

Since the colors change so often I carried the yarns up with every new row, a trick I learned in knitting. The small piece I attached; chain 18 with smaller hook, and single crochet until desired length (The shorter the piece the more “scrunch the scarf will have); hides the carrying of the yarn.

DSC00325 DSC00344

And there you go…  


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It was a zipper kind of day

Recently I’ve lost some weight since I’ve had my son and have been able to fit into most of my pre-pregnancy shorts. Today I was super annoyed because my zipper continuously fell. All day it was unzipping itself. How annoying!!!!

My loving husband, in attempts to squelch my increasing moodiness and annoyance, took me to Old Navy and bought me some new shorts. On a side note, Old Navy gives a 10% Military discount everyday. (Before it was only Mondays.)

He insisted I throw away the offending shorts, NOT A CHANCE, I just got these suckers to fit. Internet to the rescue! This YouTube video is so funny! This is how I looked all day, zipping my zipper, and the fix is so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Just use a key ring to keep the zipper up, DUH! Hopefully the embed code works, if not just click on the link.

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Crochet puff stitch infinity cowl

I am extremely new to crocheting, I’m talking about just a few months now. So any and all crochet posts are for beginners, and typically are ideas spring boarded from my sister’s blog ChucksforChancho.

Driving in the car for five hours at a time, stopping for bathroom breaks or to change the movie on the portable DVD player, means I need yarn projects that are easy, established and can be put down and picked up easily. The puff stitch cowl was a shoe in for some car crocheting.

The creator of this great pattern has a blog “All About Ami” she has some great stuff, if only I could understand it. Just click here for the pattern. I was only able to get through making this scarf with my sister showing me in person, and this YouTube video from Crochet Geek when I got stuck or confused. The video from Crochet Geek only does a 7 stitch puff, and Ami’s pattern calls for a 9 stitch puff, but you get the concept of the stitch.

The instructions to make the scarf an infinity just said to join, I tried seaming it together, like I would normally do with knit work, but it didn’t look quite right. Instead, I matched up the ends and continued in the established pattern crocheting through the matching bars between the puffs as I normally would when adding a row. This is one of the spring color infinity cowls I came up with.

DSC00165 I love using super bright yarn colors that pop  when worn with a subtle shirt. I also have a knack for adding a little something to the things I make. I’ll throw on a flower, butterfly, jewel, button, or a combination of a few. I felt that this pattern was great, but it needed a little flair. So luckily I packed a bin of yarn, yay!


Here is my eccentric version of this scarf. Since it’s meant to wrap around the neck twice, tri-color seemed the way to go to get the effect I was looking for. LOVE IT, DID IT, KEEPING IT!!