Oops knitting: Large Multi-colored knit sack

This is something I like to call “oops knitting”

My creations are inspired by all sorts of things. Sometimes I look at something and think, I can make that. This was one of those times that it didn’t work out the way I thought, but it turned into something wonderful.

I saw a picture of a striped, textured baby blanket and thought it would be great for my little one for tummy time. The textures were simple, each color was in a different stitch, garter, stockinette, or seed. The photo was shades of pink, blue and green. I thought my little guy needed something brighter. This is what I came up with:


There was just something about this blanket that I wasn’t satisfied with, so I put it down and worked on other projects until I could decide what exactly it was. Fast forward about a year and I came across this piece again while organizing my yarn. Then it hit me, this is not a blanket, it’s a sack, just decrease the bottom, sew up the seam, add a strap and a closure, and viola!


The closure was an interesting addition. If I started this project as a bag, I think I would have incorporated some yarn overs to add an i-cord drawstring closure. Since I worked backwards, started knitting and changed my project mid-stride (OOPS), I had to get creative. I attached a round key ring and 3 clasp key hooks from my collection of crafty items. It makes a nice scrunchy closure, and easily access. The buttons are purely aesthetic.    Image

This is one of those projects that you really can’t go wrong on. It’s fun and simple with endless possibilities.