New camera habit

My loving husband bought me the new hot pink Ipod for my birthday back in October. He even had it engraved with “I love, love you” which I’m sure the engravers thought was a mistake but did it anyway. This came as a wonderful surprise since he was in Afghanistan at the time. Now… you can imagine my dismay when my affectionate gift slide out of my back pocket and plopped into the toilet at our farewell grill cheese social (think about having one, it’s amaz-zing). Jeremy, my hubby, tried all the tricks to fix it and dry the circuits, but to no avail. Well R.I.P. Ipod, you will be missed, but I’m holding out hope for a visit to the Apple store.

I was told it would be awhile before I got another one, again, holding out hope. With our move and site seeing adventures, no ipod, old camera packed, we NEEDED a camera. Happy dance, happy dance. I adore my fancy, smancy, new camera (Sony, Cyber-shot) and all the cool features, I’m going nuts with taking artsy style pictures on this trip. Here’s a peek at my new habit.

DSC00023DSC00039 DSC00090 DSC00072 DSC00116

I know, the sky is a little much, but I was staring out of the window while we were driving, just gazing at it and thought, this would make a cool Costco picture/painting for our soon to be new bathroom. This is just one of them, he-he. I think since my creativity can’t flow with creating new yarn accessories, I need another outlet, voila! I’ll save the rest of my fast clicky fingers for another segment on the sites we visited.