Velvet Acorn, A Favorite

Tis the season for yarn, coffee, needles and hooks. With the increasing cold weather, those of us that make, have an increase in orders. What is the most requested items this year? Non other then the wonderful Velvet Acorn designs.

I have had my eye on this lady for over two years now. Since before she had crochet patterns available, and before she lifted her “personal use only” terms. When I saw her recognizable designs all over ETSY, I had to hop aboard!

Her patterns are extremely well written, and easy to follow for all skill levels. She also has pattern pack purchases available at a discount. I have gladly participated in her pattern packs.

Here is her knit Failynn Fox hood. I’ve made quite a few of these this winter, and it always comes out fabulous. With a color change or two, you can make many animals. Knitters will need to know some basic crochet to get the proper look.


Knitters only- This hat is so absolutely gorgeous. If you love cables, or have always wanted to make a cabled project, you will not be disappointed with the Serenity hat. The math that it must have taken to get the cables just right in this pattern, well, it gives me a headache just thinking about it. This was actually requested by a crochet friend. Yarnies, not afraid to ask others for a must have =)


Crocheters only- The Ashby scarf is a very feminine cowl that is great for those (like me) that worry about a choking hazard. One end tucks in the other, and can be pulled open. The make up is very simple, but the look is exquisite. This is a great beginner pattern.


I have other patterns that I have yet to make. I admittedly went pattern crazy, but they are all so adorable, I blame her ever so cute models =).

Have a Crafty Day!



Pricing items- Something to think about

If you’re like me, it’s really hard to price your creations.

I tend to think like a buyer. Would I pay that much? Where else can I get it, and at what cost?

I need to think like a crafter. Handmade item. One of a kind. How long did it take to make? How much was the materials to make it?

A character hat can cost up to $12 of inexpensive yarn, just for the appropriate colors. Then time and talent need to be factored in. Think about it.


Here’s a great article for crafters and buyers alike.

Mia Slouch Boot Pattern Review

I have made it known that I am no where near talented enough to make up a bootie pattern on my on. I mean, there are too many things that can go wrong with the shaping. I get a little short of breath just thinking about starting from scratch….breath….breath. So I give kudos and props to those talented individuals who can 1. Invent a bootie pattern on their own, and 2. Have talent to write a comprehensive pattern that even us beginners can follow.

My favorite Knitter baby bootie pattern writer (wow, say that 5 times fast) is L’Oasi della Maglia. Since I am mucho into crochet currently, I needed to find a crochet bootie pattern writer (here we go again with the long names), whom I’d enjoy equally as much. Taking the advice of my crochet sister, and author of the blog Chucks for Chancho (insert shameless plug here), I checked out Two Girls Patterns on ETSY, hello, LOVE!

They have the most adorable crochet boots, sandals and shoe patterns! If you are an avid Pinterest user, then you have no doubt seen their work EVERYWHERE. Anyone who has a crochet board has at least one of their items pinned. Now I haven’t done the necessary research to say this is a fact, buuuut, probably. I purchased a 3 pattern bundle. I have yet to get to the other two patterns, but this one rocks.

It’s called Mia slouch boot. It is ridiculously easy to read and understand. I am so impressed with the combination of basic crochet stitches they use to form the “slouch” of this boot.

IMG_0842So cute. I was tempted to get back on ETSY and buy an adult pattern, but then it hit me; what if I used a thicker yarn, and a larger hook, hmmm. These booties worked up so fast, it was worth a shot. Using some Bernet Chunky yarn, and an 8mm hook, I went to work. Ta-Da


Boots for my size 6 daughter. I went up another hook size and made some for my Mama. A word of caution, yarn bottoms are slippery! I tried adding dots of puffy paint to the bottoms, but that didn’t help much, so I turned to Youtube. I found this amazing video of how to add silicone soles to knit slippers. It looks genius! I can’t wait to try it!

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It’s been awhile

Wow! It has been over a month since my last post. What have I been doing? Sooo much!

Our ETSY store has been getting orders like crazy! Yes, I am bragging a little bit. But not only that, my neighbors and local community has been bombarding me with custom character hat orders. It has been challenging, stressful, and a whole lot of fun! Now that things are slowing down ever so slightly, I can share some of my creative projects with you, yay!

First up is a special Mario Mushroom hat for an adorable 6 month old in my community. I found this awesome pattern by Marie Porter from Celebration Generation. Adorable! This was my stepping off point. After studying the pattern for a bit, I concluded 2 things; 1. I needed to make the pattern larger since this seemed to be for a newborn, and 2. I really wanted my hat to billow out more, and not be a form fitting beanie. SUCCESS!


First thing I did was use the general make-up of Red Heart yarn’s top hat pattern. Since I made this top hat for my Halloween costume, I was familiar with it. The double strand single crochet makes the hat very stiff and allows it to stand up without any additional assistance.

IMG_0512I used the basic  crochet hat pattern  in double strand, single crochet for a 18-24 month old, 18 inch circle. Now you may be wondering, why 18-24 months? Isn’t the baby 6 months old and the approximate size, according to the pattern, is 16 inches? Why yes, but remember when I said I wanted the hat to billow? I crocheted 3 rows after the increase and then I decreased to the appropriate size. I changed yarn color, only used one strand, and changed my stitch to half double crochet for the remainder of the hat. Added some eyes, and white circles, viola!IMG_0421

Instead of posting the actual pattern, I decided to give you the “formula” of how I came up with my pattern. This way you can use the formula to make this mushroom hat in any size you need. Remember, I am just a crafter like you, and do not claim to be any kind of expert, just someone who enjoys yarnology and wanting to share my knowledge.

Have a Crafty Day!

Halloween Explosion

Wowwy, wow, wow, I have been going non-stop these past few weeks!

As you know, or do you, my sister and I share an ETSY shop, Chucks for Chancho. I started “guest posting” in her shop last year, and now we share many listings. It has been a whirlwind of orders, questions and requests. My sister, slightly more detail oriented than I, handles the on goings of the shop, she is the tech side and I am the PR side, or at least that’s how it began. We started this adventure when she was invited to her first craft fair last winter. She invited me to get a booth for my jewelry. Another tidbit of my past, before Etsy was the new Ebay for crafters, I had an Ebay shop where I sold beaded jewelry and hemp jewelry, but I couldn’t keep up when I went back to school. This was many, many moons ago. Back to my story, we decided to share a booth, her crochets and my knits. We were overcome by the compliments and sales, were invited to other events, and here we are.

Now that I can crochet too, we are rocking our handmade items. It’s been so busy with orders and fairs we barely have time to update our blogs and make new items. I am overwhelmed with our grand adventure! Some of our most popular Halloween hats are Frankenstein, Minions, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Monster High, and our new Jack Skelington from A Nightmare Before Christmas! Until things slow down a bit, my posts will be short and sweet, but I will keep you all updated. EXCITING!

IMG_0339 IMG_0340

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So many Characters

I literally can’t stop making character hats. After posting on a crafts page for my new location, I have been bombarded with character hat requests. It has been amazing! I feel blessed and challenged, not to mention crazy busy. I thought I’d share two with you all, Halloween AND Christmas are just around the corner, hint hint.

My very good, and old friend, requested Minion hats for her 3 little Minions. This was not a very big challenge for me since my genius sister, and author of Chucks for Chancho, had already developed a pattern and posted a tutorial on her blog, and she also has them for sale in her ETSY shop. My friend wanted braids added and a pretty bow for her little girl. So I made a few slit adjustments to my sister’s pattern. I lengthened the ear flaps by substituting single crochet to a half double crochet, added braids for the girl, and twists for the boy.


Since these were the same, but different, I wanted her older daughter’s to be unique. I made the eyes smaller so we could use two and only used blue in the braids. I also added a tongue for fun. She liked it so much she ordered another for her sister.


To make the tongue make a magic loop, half double crochet 8, DO NOT CLOSE WITH A SLIP STITCH, simple bind off, synch your magic loop tight and sew the flat edge against the mouth.

The same day my friend asked for these, I received a request from a new friend for a few hats as well. Two were Hello Kitty hats. I recall my sister making a Hello Kitty inspired hat, so I could have easily asked her for her pattern, or asked her to make it, but where’s the fun in that? I think I rocked it on my own =)


Have a Crafty Day!

Toddler Puppy scarf

Last holiday season my sister found the cutest scarf on Pinterest. It was a toddler scarf with a button/hole closure but the button was a bow. It was adorable! There was only one obstacle, the scarf was knit and my sister is a crochet only gal.  Instead of sending it my way to whip up, she decided to make a crochet version. It was a hit! So many orders, including a large order from a boutique in San Francisco, and we sold out at each fair we went to.

Around this same time she was really into Amigurumi, teeny crochet or knit characters. So I suggested we attach an Amigurumi animal to the scarves instead of the bows. We both LOVED the idea, but it was never anything more then an idea until now!

Trumpets please…….presenting…….crochet toddler puppy scarf


Isn’t it fantastic? It took some trial and error to make the puppy head small enough to fit in the button hole. The amazing thing is, this can work with any favorite animal pattern, YEAH.

The knit version of the bow scarf can be found here, it is a wonderful tutorial.

The crochet version of the bow scarf can be found here, it is a tutorial that even beginner crocheters, like me, can follow. Here are some I made all by myself, he-he


To purchase a crochet toddler bow scarf click here.

Soon these cuties will be available in my sister’s ETSY shop, woo-hoo!


Have a Crafty Day!