2-Button Cowl Pattern

I think I have finally found a good balance between knitting and crocheting, and I have to thank my Aunt for that. She loves the items I make and is an avid crafter herself, making traditional Native walking sticks, Native jewelry and baby shower items, (click here to shop at her FB page) however she does not knit or crochet. So with her crafty wisdom, she suggested a trade. With my Mom’s help, they picked out some great vintage buttons from her stash to trade for some items. They sent me 4 gallon size Ziploc bags FULL of buttons, and a bunch of ribbon. So basically anything she wants she’s going to get! Here is my first installation of item payment. IMG_0123

She loves “Earth Tones” which to me always meant brown since earth is dirt right? After my sister laughed at me, made fun of me, she then explained what “Earth Tones” meant. Apparently they’re warm earthy hues of browns, greens, oranges, and even blues, and sometimes greys, well….ok. So naturally I had to pin some color pallets on Pinterest for assistance.

Back to the crafting portion, I thought I would share my 2-button cowl pattern with you. I know this one has four, but you see I have come into an excess of buttons lately, lol. I like this look because it can be changed up depending on your mood. The buttons give you the option of wearing it snug on the neck or loose for better accessorizing. I always love the self striping yarn, it saves way more time then switching yarn colors, but that is always an option. The stitch is large enough that you don’t need to add button holes, but check your button size about half way through your work so you can determine if you need to add button holes or not.

I use Charisma Loops & Threads, (Bulky 5) and can usually be found at any craft store. IMG_0134




Sl-Slip one stitch from left needle to right needle unworked (as if to purl)



With size 13 needles, cast on 28stitches (or any even number of stitches).

Row1: K

Row 2: K1, *K1, Sl 1* until 3 St remain, K3

Row 3: K

Row 4: K3, *Sl 1, K1* until 2 St remain, K2

That’s it! If you use this pattern as is, repeat these 4 rows for the entire skein until there is just enough yarn left to Bind off. If you need to add button holes to accommodate larger buttons you can do that in any Knit row. I would recommend K8, Bind off 2, K8, Bind off 2, K8 and in the next row you’ll need to Cast on those stitches (for large buttons), or any way you prefer to add button holes. Medium sized buttons fit perfectly between the stitches, or you can mix it up by sewing a ribbon and using it as a closure for a totally different look.

IMG_0124 IMG_0128 IMG_0129

Have a Crafty Day!


Ribbed Turtleneck Cowl – Free Pattern

This is a project I created in the big cowl/scarflette movement that has swept the Nation. Ha ha, it seems like long scarves are “Ouft” (as Heidi Klum would say on Project Runway) and infinity scarves/cowls/and scarflets are in. It makes sense though, who wants to tuck the ends of a scarf in their jacket? Not I, said the fly.

After looking at tons of inspiration on Pinterest, I got to work. This is the end result. I love the look!Picture 185

I added a button hole at the top so the cowl can securely fold for an entirely different look. Picture 186

There are two things that makes this project exceptional, besides the simplicity of it, it is definitely unisex, and it knits up in no time at all.

DSC00242 I worked these 3 up in two days of drive time to North Carolina.

I would categorize this as a beginners project.

Skills needed: Knit, Purl, and knitting in the round. This project can also be converted to straight needles, simply knit the knit stitches, and purl the purl stitches as they appear in the work; ex: Row 1: K1, P2 Row 2: K2, P1 and join sides when finished.

Abbreviations: K-Knit, P-Purl, CO-Cast on, BO-Bind off, * denotes repeat.

Materials: 29 inch circular needles, size 10 1/2; any size 4 worsted weight yarn, I used one skein, 4.5 oz, of Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn; button of choice.

Pattern: CO 120 stitches, place marker, join without twisting stitches  (to change width of cowl, increase or decrease in multiples of 3).

*K1, P2* until pieces measures approximately 13 inches.

Buttonhole row: At beginning of next row, K1, BO 2 stitches, *K1, P2*

Next row: K1, CO 2 stitches, *K1, P2*

Continue in established pattern for another 1/2 in to inch, depending on your preference and skein. My piece measures 1 in from buttonhole to end. Then BO using whatever method you prefer. Sew button on opposite end from the buttonhole, for a funkier fold, place button dramatically to the right or left.

That’s it! I’ve never written a pattern before so if there things are confusing, or difficult to understand please let me know. You really can’t go wrong with this project.

Have a Crafty Day!