A Bloggy No-No

Sooo, before you read any further, be warned this is a rant.

Allow me to set the scene. Me, on my computer, browsing Pinterest for some crafty ideas. As you all know, my sister has a blog, Chucks for Chancho (C4C), I love her flawless work, and her photos are easily recognizable. She has a very distinct white wooden table that she uses to photograph her pictures on, plus I am a subscriber to her blog. It warms my heart to see her photos from her blog or store pinned by admirers. Enter my WTF moment. One of her photos had….gasp…someone else’s blog title. Immediately click and read. No, none, zero mention of my sister, her blog, but there’s her picture! What?!? My face gets hot, my hands start to tingle, adrenaline is rushing through my veins. I take a few deep breaths and email my sister, maybe she gave consent for usage of her photo, then I take a shower to calm my nerves.

Her response was, “What the heck? She should’ve at least MENTIONED photo courtesy of C4C.” DUH! More deep breaths. Maybe it is because I am the older sister, or the biggest sister, but my protection instincts are going through the roof. However, I know how to be diplomatic, so I email her, first with a compliment, followed by a “did you know,” “I’m sure it was an oversight,” and a “just making sure my sister gets the credit her hard work and craftsmanship deserves.” Then I wait…checking back….it’s been a week….no edit, no apology, but a post yesterday so no doubt she has received my statement.

My sister works very hard on her crochet projects, she borderlines obsessive perfection. She gives just as much attention to photographing her projects. When I asked her for tips, she sent me to 5 different blogs she has researched and follows for photo advice.

This is my interpretation of events. My sister’s post was obviously read because the blogger put a link to the pattern creator. Why not just add “photo courtesy of Chucks for Chancho” under the pic? Or after she received my email? Is that so hard? Hell I even mention C4C and link it back, and she’s my sister for goodness sake. It’s call c-o-u-r-t-e-s-y, courtesy between crafters and bloggers, come on!

The hard lesson here is watermark your pictures. There is a clear watermark app I found in the apple store, it was $1.99

IMG_0069See? The watermark is less obtrusive then others I have seen, but it’s there, and there is no way to crop it out. This is a yummy sticky bun breakfast ring I made for a wine and dessert night. The recipe I pinned from The Jones Way, and can be found here. See how easy that is!

Have a Crafty Day!