Military Move

army and marine

Being married to a military member can mean uprooting the family to follow their career path. Needs of the military and all. Being a former enlisted Marine, I was used to moving, but only moving myself. It has been almost 10 years since my enlistment ended, now 3 years into my marriage to an active duty Soldier, this is my first move with a van full of rambunctious kids.

I am deeply thankful to the inventor of the portable DVD player. As a child, my dad had a gigantic van with a t.v. inside, the kind of vans with the boomerang antenna on the top. The screen was super hard to see from the sofa backseat, so not very entertaining. My kids have been so quiet and cooperative, Mr. portable DVD inventor needs a medal.

Back to the military move process…

Contracted movers invade your house and box EVERYTHING!! When I say everything, I mean it. My neighbor left the knobs for the stove with her clean dishes…packed. I dismantled a smoke detector to change the battery…packed. All you need to do in preparation is separate anything not going with the movers, and clean. It is only inconvenient in the fact that, “I DON’T WANNA!” Yet here we are, car packed to a bursting point and 4 days in. We’ve visited family, did some site seeing and we’re part of the way there.


One of the most annoying parts of this move is waiting for housing. Military installations have great housing. The downside is our quarters will not be available until July 1st. Ummm, we haven’t hit June yet! Options? Rent off Post (Yeah the Army calls them Posts, Marines call them Bases, go figure). I like on base…um…post living, so take the bad with the good I guess.

To help me through this I pack a bin, that’s right, a bin of yarn. Knitting has helped keep my mind occupied while my Soldier was in Afghanistan this past year, so yes a bin.  And being apart from him for so long, stressed, worried, knitting, I would move tens times over.