Sewing ain’t Easy, Wait, Yes it is

I have been honing my sewing skills.

From t-shirt make-overs to pattern making (this isn’t it, later, promise).

I have found the crown jewel of adorable beginner sewing pattern! I’m so excited, I had to share. It is the Abby coat pattern by Shwin Designs.

I’ll be honest, I went to their ETSY shop everyday, trying to muster the courage to buy this pattern. It looks very intimidating! I even messaged the shop, asking a few questions to determine if I were up to the challenge. Sadly, they never responded to my inquiries, which brings me to wonder if they thought I was a pattern writer trying to pick their brains and develop a like pattern (don’t snicker, it totally happens). Regardless, I purchased it, and YAY!

It is super easy to follow. I’ve tried following online patterns before, and it was horrible! I much prefer winging it, or better yet, purchasing a pattern at the store with the super fabulous tracing paper that you use to cut fabric. I find the store bought patterns difficult to understand though. The most difficult part of the Abby coat is cutting and pasting the papers together to cut your fabric. The instructions to cut and paste the tracing paper is really great, easy to understand and great to follow.

Sewing the fabric was simple too. The pattern you purchase has extreme detailed photo instructions. I’m talking about a photo of all your pattern pieces, a photo that shows connect piece A to piece B like so, stitch, iron seam open, etc.

I’ve made so many of these coats. I love the versatility, and it’s so soft and warm. My friend even caught her daughter sleeping in hers, which is the best compliment ever!

DSC01247 2014-09-09 15.37.55

I even adapted the pattern to make a boyish version for my son, complete with glow in the dark collar and elbow pads(ish).

2014-09-02 10.05.11 2014-09-02 10.05.17

He loves his coat, and brags that I made it for him wherever we go, total proud mama moment.

I LOVE this pattern! I’m a very slow sewer, but this sews up pretty quickly, and always looks fantastic!


Have A Crafty Day!


I’m Back

Hello my friends, it’s been awhile.

I took a hiatus during the summer. Why? Well truth be told, my mood was down in the dumps. My kiddos went visiting for the summer, and I was out of sorts.

But they are back, I am back, and things are back to what we think is normal 🙂

What have you been up to?

I have been attempting to perfect my sewing skills and stranded color work skills. Here are a couple pettiskirt types I have made. It was an arduous process to say the least. I made them with no pattern, and parts of them were kind of cut and paste, not gonna lie. I’m still trying to perfect a formula that’s comprehensive enough to share. 2014-08-14 10.17.57 2014-08-25 13.26.54

The top skirt is for my 10 year old. The bow looks great right? Welll, it’s hiding a defect, lol, yeah embellishments! The purple skirt and headband I made for my neighbors wee one. I’ve had this material since my daughter was a baby, and I FINALLY used it. This example will fuel my never ending argument with my husband about why I can’t get rid of anything!

Here’s some stranded color work in knit.

2014-05-27 13.48.44 2014-06-13 11.30.15 2014-06-22 18.31.56 2014-06-29 19.47.33

See! Busy, busy!

Patterns, updates, and reviews to come.

Hope you’ve been having some…

Crafty Days! 


Comic Book shoes

Hello again. I have been busy with creating new products for the Geek Boutique. Just sent off my box today, so I can breath now *sigh.* I haven’t had much blogging time, but I did take some ME time.

I’ve been wanting to make some comic book shoes for months now. After my first “practice” pair fell apart =( But in their defense, they were as old as my daughter, who recently turned 10, woo-hoo!

2014-04-01 20.37.16They turned out pretty good for a first timer (notice the wet Modge Podge, lol, guess I jumped the photo gun). I didn’t have any shoe paint, so I used nail polish. Let’s just say, I now know why manicurists wear face masks, PHEW!



Comic books


Modge Podge

Paint brush

Fine steal wool

nail buffer

Luster Modge Podge sealant spray (optional)

glitter (optional)

Step one- pick a pair of shoes. Bit of advice, break your shoes in, if they’re new, because the process of comic booking them will stiffen them up. Make sure they are nice and clean.

2014-06-18 16.18.01

Step two- cut your comic books into geometric shapes. You will be piecing these together on your shoe, I went with triangles, rectangles and parallelograms. Cutting up GOOD comic books can send any comic lover to tears. I found lesser known comics at my local Dollar Tree, and purchased some extremely used, beat up ones at a flea market for 0.50 to $2. Pick some good “POW,” WHOOSH,” and “ZOOM” bubbles for focal points on your shoes.

2014-04-01 13.24.492014-06-25 15.39.322014-06-25 15.40.54Step three- using Modge Podge, and a paint brush, apply comic shapes to the shoe, piece by piece. There is no “fast” way to do this. Take your time to avoid ripping, slipping, and bubbles. I covered my entire shoe except for the strap. Some like to leave the heel and platform un-comiced, it’s up to you.

2014-06-17 18.14.08Once the shoe is comiced, apply a thick even coat of Modge Podge over the shoe, and allow to dry. I waited 24 hours. Once it is completely dry, add your focal shapes, and apply another coat of Modge Podge. Repeat Modge Podge application a couple more times.

*Optional step*- If you would like to glitter your shoes, you would do so after the 2nd coat of Modge Podge. I mixed my preferred color of glitter with glitter adhesive (Modge Podge will also work). Apply a few coats on desired areas, using a fine paint brush, allowing it to dry completely in between coats to avoid clumping.

Step four- Use the fine steal wool to sand your shoes down, and even out overlays. Buff it with a nail buffer to smooth out any brush strokes and give it a nice sheen. I choose to spray a last coat of luster Modge Podge to my shoes. I want these babies to last as long as possible.

2014-06-23 10.48.40

For you visual learners, this Youtube video by MADCOLLECTIVE is tops!

Have a Craft Day!

Anniversary, Mother’s Day, and Blue Hair

It has been a very busy month!

When my husband and I made our wedding date, it had more to do with the date the venue was available verses what holidays surrounding our special day. We made the mistake of not realizing Mother’s Day was the very next day. For the past four years, we have been celebrating them separately, but from here on, it will be a Motherversary. I was lucky to celebrate these two separately, yay!

Like many woman out there, I typically pick my own gift. Sometimes I leave the checkout cart open, with a sweet, “It’s ready for you dear.” Once in awhile, I give my husband the ad, with what I want circled. This can be treacherous though. You are assuming 1) He will do the leg work of going out and buying it, and 2) they will have it in stock, sometimes they don’t. I prefer the online order option. Since I am absolutely in love with Nomades, I created another bracelet. This time, it had nothing to do with the military, and everything to do with my little ones.

2014-05-08 15.39.41I paired our jeweled luv spacer, May special Mother’s charm, and cherry blossom pave, with the April Lavander pave, black sparkle pave, feathered friend spacer, 2 ocean pearl spacers, Baby girl footprints and a 15mm photo charm of my kiddos.  2014-05-08 15.39.50Here’s a closer look at the photo charm. I love it, and the kids thought it was amazing as well. Here’s a link to my page, just in case you’d like to order one for yourself 😉

For those of you who like charm bracelets, you know this combo wasn’t cheap, so I didn’t expect another gift, let alone 2 gifts =)

On our Anniversary, we stopped at a flower shop, my husband told me to stay in the car. I thought, flowers, how original. I quickly felt like a jerk! My husband had secretly taken one of our wedding photos to several flower shops, until he found one that would recreate my WEDDING BOUQUET! Can you believe it!?!

2014-05-09 13.08.55

I was moved to tears when I saw it! After our wedding, I wanted o get my bouquet freeze dried and put in a bouquet frame, but the wedding costs were to great, and we just couldn’t afford it. Since the four year anniversary, according to my husband, is flowers and silk, he had my bouquet recreated, and a silk ribbon tied around it. It still gives me chills!

My final gift was something my husband and I had been discussing for years. Matching tattoos. I got a key on my forearm and he got a keyhole on his chest.

2014-05-09 23.07.51

I know, they’re red, bloody, and a little inflamed, but hey, that’s what tattoos look like when they’re finished.

Lastly, of this week of celebration and gifts, I got a new hair-do.

2014-05-09 08.15.52

It’s short, and BLUE! Why? Because, that’s why. Sometimes we need to be crafty with ourselves =)

Have a Crafty Day!

Fairy Beach Garden

Spring has sprung and I’m trying to decorate accordingly. That being said, I can’t wait till the summer. Even though the humidity here means no need for a sauna, I love the heat. So I decided to go beachy with my next fairy garden.

I paid attention this time, and planned ahead so I could make a semi-tutorial for ya’ll, yeah me!

Supplies: popsicle sticks, shell, hot glue gun (and hot glue…duh!), sand, dirt, pot, birdhouse, and plants =)


IMG_1126Dollar tree is a great place to get the tidbits you need to make your garden; most craft stores have unfinished wooden birdhouses for about a dollar.

IMG_1124I have discovered that pruning shears are perfect for trimming the perch on the birdhouse, and cutting popsicle sticks.

IMG_1127 I decided to use un-colored popsicle sticks to make that wooden plank look, which really wasn’t necessary, but so what.


I used orange popsicle sticks to make the door, and the cut bird perch made a perfect handle.

IMG_1128I decided on a shell roof. Sounds easy huh? NOPE! The odd shapes of the shells made it pretty difficult to form them together.

IMG_1129See? When in doubt, just add more….


and more….overlapping them until you get the look you would like.

IMG_1132 I decided we needed a bench. In order to do this, I needed extra hands for the drying process. Thank you honey =)

 IMG_1131I used small shells for the back of the bench.


IMG_1135Buttons + jewelry wire = Fairy sized bicycle.IMG_1141

Here we are. I hot glued 3 sizes of shells together to form a mini shell fountain. I just can’t get tired of these little darlings. Now to find a bikini clad fairy.

Have a Crafty Day!

Geeking Out

We are feeling truly blessed in our crafty endeavors. My sissy was approached by a Comic book shop, Brave New World Comics, that was looking to expand by opening a Geek Boutique. They were looking for crafters that fit their Genre and customer base. I am admittedly a geek. I heart Marvel comics, thanks to my collector brother, and have the entire first series of Marvel cards, complete will team-ups, origins and first appearances. I am a fan of Sci-Fi, and like Sheldon Cooper, prefer Star Trek: The Next Generation, but the original series deserves honorable mention. I think my sisters all kind of looked at me funny because of my geeky passion, but I have found my people! More appropriately, those that share my passion, have found our shop, WOOT, WOOT!

I have been working on stock for upcoming craft fairs, so I immediately sent a sampling to the shop for a preview. They love them!

geek boutique tmnt geek boutique

They have already had customers try to reserve the character hats, WHAT? We are so very excited, and overwhelmed by the response. Our ETSY shop has been fabulous, and busy, but this is a whole different experience. My hook is on fire, and my mind is whirling with design ideas. Here are my two latest ones. Previously mentioned Star Trek, series, Gold for Command; blue for science, and medical; Red for security and engineering.

DSC01102For those non-Trekies, please don’t confuse these with Next Generation. They decided to change colors around for Next Generation, namely the red and gold. Red, more of a maroon red, is for Command and pilots, and gold is for engineering and security, while blue stayed the same. Plus the Next Generation communicators are set on top of an oval. I know, I know, geek lesson, but you gotta know.

My next new design is one of my kiddos favorites, Beemo from Adventure Time.

BeemoMy 3 year old started “playing” with the buttons as soon as I finished.

You can call me a nerd, geek, Sci-Fi fanatic, it hasn’t changed me, and with this new chapter in our crafty lives, it will only fuel my geekyness (yes that’s a word).

Have a Crafty Day!

Fairy Gardens

At a church craft fair this past fall, there was an elderly lady who was selling fairy gardens she had made. Outside of the movies, I had never seen a real fairy garden. They were darling! I choose a small simple one to put on my front porch.

original fairy gardenIt is so sweet, and it looked great on my wire plant holder. Now she did tell me this was for inside use, but I wanted others to see this adorable little creation. I should have listened. The plant died, and the pine cone roof shingles started falling off. I was so very sad. I decided to take a break from yarnology to fix it and make my little fairy happy. The kids collected twigs, pine cones, and rocks, and I bought some decorative rocks and moss from the craft store.

In hindsight, I should have taken pictures as I made the pieces so I could share them with you. Next time, this time I will just share my new and improved fairy garden I made with my daughter. I’ve tried to take pictures of all the little tidbits we made.

This is a small fire pit we made by hot gluing rocks together, and then hot gluing a small stack of twigs.


I also found a male fairy riding a snail so my fairy wouldn’t be lonely. For the house, we hot glued fake moss to the sides. Then we took apart some petals from a fake hydrangea flower I had in the garage, and glued them to the roof. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to simulate shingles. We used twigs, hemp, fake moss, and a LOT of hot glue to make a little arbor. It isn’t extremely sturdy, but I love the look of it!


My daughter picked out the smallest rocks to make a little path to the front door. I didn’t have a ton of space, but I was able to squeeze in a little pond of clear blue decorative stones.


Here’s another angle of our little masterpiece.


 I imagine a true fairy’s garden would be difficult to see from above. Success! This was a blast for my little girl and I to make, and we will be making more, so stay tuned.

Have a Crafty Day!