About pages are always daunting. I mean what are you supposed to put here? I feel like I’ve lived 3 lifetimes, and it would take years to tell “about” myself. No doubt my past will come up in future posts, so I will give a small sna20130506-160438.jpgpshot of my life.


I am thirty *cough*, I hope that was audible because it will not be repeated. I am the devoted wife of an enlisted soldier. We have four children between the two of us, a teenage boy (14), a pre-teen boy (11) and girl (8), and a toddler boy (2). I am a former enlisted Marine (one of those other lifetimes I was mentioning), and I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work.

I am a self proclaimed loud mouth, I always have something to say, it hasn’t been till my later years that I conditioned myself not to always say “it.” So this will be an interesting edition to my life. About my crafts, I feel this is necessary to say, I do not look at crafting as an exact science, some do, not this lady. Crafting is art, so please keep this in mind when I post patterns I have created, it is art, not science, any “mistake” is an opportunity to make it an original, like life.

Everything else about me will just…..come.


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