Fairy Gardens

At a church craft fair this past fall, there was an elderly lady who was selling fairy gardens she had made. Outside of the movies, I had never seen a real fairy garden. They were darling! I choose a small simple one to put on my front porch.

original fairy gardenIt is so sweet, and it looked great on my wire plant holder. Now she did tell me this was for inside use, but I wanted others to see this adorable little creation. I should have listened. The plant died, and the pine cone roof shingles started falling off. I was so very sad. I decided to take a break from yarnology to fix it and make my little fairy happy. The kids collected twigs, pine cones, and rocks, and I bought some decorative rocks and moss from the craft store.

In hindsight, I should have taken pictures as I made the pieces so I could share them with you. Next time, this time I will just share my new and improved fairy garden I made with my daughter. I’ve tried to take pictures of all the little tidbits we made.

This is a small fire pit we made by hot gluing rocks together, and then hot gluing a small stack of twigs.


I also found a male fairy riding a snail so my fairy wouldn’t be lonely. For the house, we hot glued fake moss to the sides. Then we took apart some petals from a fake hydrangea flower I had in the garage, and glued them to the roof. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to simulate shingles. We used twigs, hemp, fake moss, and a LOT of hot glue to make a little arbor. It isn’t extremely sturdy, but I love the look of it!


My daughter picked out the smallest rocks to make a little path to the front door. I didn’t have a ton of space, but I was able to squeeze in a little pond of clear blue decorative stones.


Here’s another angle of our little masterpiece.


 I imagine a true fairy’s garden would be difficult to see from above. Success! This was a blast for my little girl and I to make, and we will be making more, so stay tuned.

Have a Crafty Day!


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