Charming Military Story Contest

The company I am a consultant for, Nomades, recently had a share your story contest about your favorite charm. In case you are new to my blog, Nomades is a charm and jewelry company started by Military Wives that wanted to share their story in the form of charms. The charm companies really didn’t represent us, so they took matters into their own hands and started this amazing company.

Consultants and customers alike were encouraged to participate. I submitted my story, it was short and sweet, it didn’t get picked (insert sad face here), but I write a blog! I can share it anyway, woot woot.

Here is my bracelet so far.

IMG_0966Pretty awesome right? I love the We Also Serve charm, it’s the American flag with the crossed wedding rings. It shares the spotlight with the USMC and Army beaded spacers that represent my husband’s and my service. But Although I think of these three as one, they are three separate pieces, not meeting the criteria of the contest. So I stared and thought, and stared some more. Then I realized my favorite was the Family Ties spacer. It was a special for the Month of November, and I immediately ordered it for myself. It consists of four little paper doll cutouts, holding hands, with teeny heart spaces on each chest.

Why is this one my favorite? Each charm has a meaning, evokes a memory or emotion. These four little guys remind me of our children. We are a blended family, blending our families to become one. My kids can describe one another as full, half, or step siblings, but they simply call each other brother and sister. Since we married, the kids have fallen into step like a silent drill team, not missing a beat, as if they were always together. Our extended families have opened their hearts to us, referring to our children as Niece, Nephew, Grandchild, and Great Grandchild. They hold no difference between blood and step relation. Just like these little figures are bonded together with open hearts, so is our family.

In case you would like to browse the catalogue, click here.

Have a Crafty Day!

A busy February

Oh my! Is it possible that I have not posted this entire month? WHA…..

Well that show’s you how busy it has been around here. I had anticipated having free time with the holiday and holiday orders over. I’m still waiting for that free time, lol.

February is one of our family’s birthday months. My nephew, niece and my little guy are all February birthdays. They are all so close that it becomes a juggling act between my two sisters and myself over party dates. Since I am on the opposite coast, this wasn’t an issue. To tell you the truth, it made me pretty sad, and what was an inconvenience, and often times a headache, is sorely missed.

My son likes all the standard things a boy his age likes; Thomas the Train, Super Why, Doc McStuffins. One of his favorites is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It wasn’t a leap to figure Pirate theme, especially when my son squints his eye and says “ARGH! I a Pirate” and hooks his little finger to form a hook. So between the planning, and online shopping for pirate booty, I have been majorly occupied.

A few days before his birthday we had a knock at 5 am, it was….wait for it….MY MOM AND BROTHER! They took a red eye to surprise us! AND they kept it a secret from everyone! I’m telling you, NO ONE know. It was an amazing and overwhelming surprise. It made my little one’s birthday that much more special.

Back to the party planning. I love themed parties because that means I can dress up too. There was one catch, my daughter did not want to be a pirate. Really? Someone suggested making her Tinkerbell. Duh! Neverland, Tinkerbell, duh! It was too close to order her a costume, break out the hook and the tulle.

I figured the easiest bodice to make would be a rectangle in a cute stitch. I decided to finish the back with some satin ribbon for a corset style.

IMG_1004Then I added a tulle skirt. Cutting double the appropriate length, folding the tulle strip in half, and using a crochet hook to put it through the bottom stitches. I didn’t like how the knots were showing so I added a row of double crochet to the bottom, embellished it and it was done.


Would Tinkerbell wear this? Who cares! My daughter adored it. We had a terrific Pirate time with pirate sail cake pops, a treasure dig, Walk the Plank game, and tons of sword fighting.


My son was to busy playing for a Pirate family photo. If you haven’t made a tutu dress before, here is an awesome Youtube video to get you through it by HairHardware.

Have a Crafty Day!