Pinspiration Recreation- Buttoned Cloche Knit Hat

I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, I like to call it Pinspiration. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the origin of the picture if it was pinned from a search engines’ images search. Sometimes a pin can take you to a pattern, or an item for sale. When I pin knit and crochet items, I categorize them in my head as need to make or need to figure out how to make.

If I feel totally overwhelmed by the construction of a pattern then I will purchase it, if that’s at all possible. I have found that, with a lot of research, most patterns for sale have recreations out there. They are of course different from the original, but just as good, or at least a starting off point for your own recreation. I found this lovely pattern for purchase on Ravelry by Andrea Delhey:

Cloche1kl_medium2I fell in love with this look! It is a chic modern look with a real classic charm. Naturally I had to recreate it.

 I have linked the Ravelry page to the photo so just click on it to purchase the pattern. With that being said, I will not give you my pattern recreation, I think that would just be bad form, and offensive to this fellow knitter, but I will give you a few pointers for recreation. The stitching wasn’t difficult at all, any semi-intermediate knitter can make this. I use the term “semi-intermediate” since you only need to know the knit stitch BUT you also need to know how to pick up and knit stitches, and knitting in the round. I knit a wide strip in garter stitch, knit every row, to the length I wanted. Then I picked up and knit the crown portion on the inside edge of the strip. So this is made in two portions. Added buttons and Voila!

IMG_0874 IMG_0876

I like the longer portion partially covering the side of the face, simply placement preference. Picking up stitches on the inside of the strip creates the ridge on my cloches. It looks like the pattern cloche picks up on the edge of the strip for a more invisible join, I like the ridge. For some knitting help here is a Youtube video by “Knitting Help” on picking up and knitting.


Have a Crafty Day!


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