Let’s Trade

I have been amazed to discover the amount of talented military spouses that surround me. There are Facebook pages dedicated to sharing talents throughout the base. So what happens when money is tight for the holiday season and you find something that you just HAVE to have. If it’s between crafty folk, or those with other talents, we barter and trade.

This is fun, but can be hazardess depending on the people you’re dealing with. One of my very talented Facebook friends who makes splendid cakes, had a run in with someone that wanted to trade (we’ll call her the requester), but didn’t have anything my friend wanted. A trade has to be agreed upon by both parties, and the value has to be equivalent. My friend told the requester, thank you but I do not need or want any of that. This produced anger, frustration and a little vindictive behavior on the part of the requester. My poor friend was in disbelief, and shared her experience with us (Thanks for the blogging fuel).

It stands to reason, that if you want a product, and someone is willing to trade, but the value is not equal, then a monetary supplement is the only solution. Additionally, if you are requesting a service or product, you would be prepared to pay, like in any other transaction, so the behavior of the requester is just bad form!

Luckily, I have had only positive experiences with trading. I saw this crafters work through one of the many crafting groups and we made a great trade. She makes paper products, candy wrapper purses/headbands, and paper ornaments; her Facebook page is Twisted Parchment.

IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0546

Aren’t they fabulous? I got 6! She was very excited to trade for a rainbow of crochet butterflies to finish off a blanket she made previously.


What a trade! My sister first introduced me to these 3-D butterflies in her blog Chucks for Chancho. This butterfly pattern can be found here (must convert to U.S. terms, but she tells you how).

Have a Crafty Day!


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