Pinspiration Recreation- Buttoned Cloche Knit Hat

I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, I like to call it Pinspiration. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the origin of the picture if it was pinned from a search engines’ images search. Sometimes a pin can take you to a pattern, or an item for sale. When I pin knit and crochet items, I categorize them in my head as need to make or need to figure out how to make.

If I feel totally overwhelmed by the construction of a pattern then I will purchase it, if that’s at all possible. I have found that, with a lot of research, most patterns for sale have recreations out there. They are of course different from the original, but just as good, or at least a starting off point for your own recreation. I found this lovely pattern for purchase on Ravelry by Andrea Delhey:

Cloche1kl_medium2I fell in love with this look! It is a chic modern look with a real classic charm. Naturally I had to recreate it.

 I have linked the Ravelry page to the photo so just click on it to purchase the pattern. With that being said, I will not give you my pattern recreation, I think that would just be bad form, and offensive to this fellow knitter, but I will give you a few pointers for recreation. The stitching wasn’t difficult at all, any semi-intermediate knitter can make this. I use the term “semi-intermediate” since you only need to know the knit stitch BUT you also need to know how to pick up and knit stitches, and knitting in the round. I knit a wide strip in garter stitch, knit every row, to the length I wanted. Then I picked up and knit the crown portion on the inside edge of the strip. So this is made in two portions. Added buttons and Voila!

IMG_0874 IMG_0876

I like the longer portion partially covering the side of the face, simply placement preference. Picking up stitches on the inside of the strip creates the ridge on my cloches. It looks like the pattern cloche picks up on the edge of the strip for a more invisible join, I like the ridge. For some knitting help here is a Youtube video by “Knitting Help” on picking up and knitting.


Have a Crafty Day!

Mia Slouch Boot Pattern Review

I have made it known that I am no where near talented enough to make up a bootie pattern on my on. I mean, there are too many things that can go wrong with the shaping. I get a little short of breath just thinking about starting from scratch….breath….breath. So I give kudos and props to those talented individuals who can 1. Invent a bootie pattern on their own, and 2. Have talent to write a comprehensive pattern that even us beginners can follow.

My favorite Knitter baby bootie pattern writer (wow, say that 5 times fast) is L’Oasi della Maglia. Since I am mucho into crochet currently, I needed to find a crochet bootie pattern writer (here we go again with the long names), whom I’d enjoy equally as much. Taking the advice of my crochet sister, and author of the blog Chucks for Chancho (insert shameless plug here), I checked out Two Girls Patterns on ETSY, hello, LOVE!

They have the most adorable crochet boots, sandals and shoe patterns! If you are an avid Pinterest user, then you have no doubt seen their work EVERYWHERE. Anyone who has a crochet board has at least one of their items pinned. Now I haven’t done the necessary research to say this is a fact, buuuut, probably. I purchased a 3 pattern bundle. I have yet to get to the other two patterns, but this one rocks.

It’s called Mia slouch boot. It is ridiculously easy to read and understand. I am so impressed with the combination of basic crochet stitches they use to form the “slouch” of this boot.

IMG_0842So cute. I was tempted to get back on ETSY and buy an adult pattern, but then it hit me; what if I used a thicker yarn, and a larger hook, hmmm. These booties worked up so fast, it was worth a shot. Using some Bernet Chunky yarn, and an 8mm hook, I went to work. Ta-Da


Boots for my size 6 daughter. I went up another hook size and made some for my Mama. A word of caution, yarn bottoms are slippery! I tried adding dots of puffy paint to the bottoms, but that didn’t help much, so I turned to Youtube. I found this amazing video of how to add silicone soles to knit slippers. It looks genius! I can’t wait to try it!

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Let’s Trade

I have been amazed to discover the amount of talented military spouses that surround me. There are Facebook pages dedicated to sharing talents throughout the base. So what happens when money is tight for the holiday season and you find something that you just HAVE to have. If it’s between crafty folk, or those with other talents, we barter and trade.

This is fun, but can be hazardess depending on the people you’re dealing with. One of my very talented Facebook friends who makes splendid cakes, had a run in with someone that wanted to trade (we’ll call her the requester), but didn’t have anything my friend wanted. A trade has to be agreed upon by both parties, and the value has to be equivalent. My friend told the requester, thank you but I do not need or want any of that. This produced anger, frustration and a little vindictive behavior on the part of the requester. My poor friend was in disbelief, and shared her experience with us (Thanks for the blogging fuel).

It stands to reason, that if you want a product, and someone is willing to trade, but the value is not equal, then a monetary supplement is the only solution. Additionally, if you are requesting a service or product, you would be prepared to pay, like in any other transaction, so the behavior of the requester is just bad form!

Luckily, I have had only positive experiences with trading. I saw this crafters work through one of the many crafting groups and we made a great trade. She makes paper products, candy wrapper purses/headbands, and paper ornaments; her Facebook page is Twisted Parchment.

IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0546

Aren’t they fabulous? I got 6! She was very excited to trade for a rainbow of crochet butterflies to finish off a blanket she made previously.


What a trade! My sister first introduced me to these 3-D butterflies in her blog Chucks for Chancho. This butterfly pattern can be found here (must convert to U.S. terms, but she tells you how).

Have a Crafty Day!

Catching Up

I have been neglecting my blog a little bit, so these next few days I will be catching up on my posting.

With the holiday season over, and the character hat requests slowing down, my sis and I have decided to take a break from our “made to order” items to experiment with new projects and ideas. We are also taking that time to just live a little. I wanted to share some of my gifts that I know you all will appreciate.

My husband found me this fabulous t-shirt from Busted Tees. I love, love, LOVE it, and I love him for accepting me as a yarnie =)


Here is the link to purchase it, but there are no shirts for crocheters, sad. So since my husband is a very talented crafter as well (don’t tell him I told you), he hand-stamped me this keychain.


By far my favorite gift is my Nomades bracelet. I posted awhile back about becoming an Independent Nomades Consultant. I simply adore the product, and it is perfect for any Patriot and anyone associated with the military. I was finally able to put together a bracelet that summed up our life together thus far.


Me from the Marine Corps, him from the Army, represented by the USMC/ARMY beaded spacers. A charm for our marriage, rightfully called the “We also serve” charm for the military  spouse. The postcard with the inscription “Miles apart, together at heart” when he was deployed this past year. Our little family (my favorite) and the 82nd Airborne charm. As our life changes with each experience or move, I can add to my bracelet. Here is the link to an online catalogue for your shopping pleasure.

I am a lucky gal!

Have a Crafty Day!