It’s been awhile

Wow! It has been over a month since my last post. What have I been doing? Sooo much!

Our ETSY store has been getting orders like crazy! Yes, I am bragging a little bit. But not only that, my neighbors and local community has been bombarding me with custom character hat orders. It has been challenging, stressful, and a whole lot of fun! Now that things are slowing down ever so slightly, I can share some of my creative projects with you, yay!

First up is a special Mario Mushroom hat for an adorable 6 month old in my community. I found this awesome pattern by Marie Porter from Celebration Generation. Adorable! This was my stepping off point. After studying the pattern for a bit, I concluded 2 things; 1. I needed to make the pattern larger since this seemed to be for a newborn, and 2. I really wanted my hat to billow out more, and not be a form fitting beanie. SUCCESS!


First thing I did was use the general make-up of Red Heart yarn’s top hat pattern. Since I made this top hat for my Halloween costume, I was familiar with it. The double strand single crochet makes the hat very stiff and allows it to stand up without any additional assistance.

IMG_0512I used the basic  crochet hat pattern  in double strand, single crochet for a 18-24 month old, 18 inch circle. Now you may be wondering, why 18-24 months? Isn’t the baby 6 months old and the approximate size, according to the pattern, is 16 inches? Why yes, but remember when I said I wanted the hat to billow? I crocheted 3 rows after the increase and then I decreased to the appropriate size. I changed yarn color, only used one strand, and changed my stitch to half double crochet for the remainder of the hat. Added some eyes, and white circles, viola!IMG_0421

Instead of posting the actual pattern, I decided to give you the “formula” of how I came up with my pattern. This way you can use the formula to make this mushroom hat in any size you need. Remember, I am just a crafter like you, and do not claim to be any kind of expert, just someone who enjoys yarnology and wanting to share my knowledge.

Have a Crafty Day!


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