DIY Ugly Sweaters

Happy day after Christmas. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season.

This year, my husband and I were invited to our very first ugly sweater party! A few years ago is when I first heard of this mastermind event. One of my sister’s was asking around for an ugly sweater, I was both humored and a little offended that she would think I actually had an ugly sweater, I mean, what does she think about my wardrobe, SHEESH! I in fact DO NOT have any ugly sweaters, so this meant a DIY project, YAY!

Step 1: Decide how you want your ugly sweater to look. This is a lot easier then you might think, we simply Google searched ugly sweater and got tons of images.

Step 2: Find a couple old sweaters to convert. I couldn’t see buying a new sweater to make it “ugly” nor did I want to spend my free time scouring thrift stores.

Step 3: A trip to the Dollar Tree! Hello, L-O-V-E the dollar tree, it’s the one place I can take the kids and tell them, “you can each pick out one thing, anything in the store.” I found these great Reindeer ear headbands that I took apart to use on my husbands sweater.

IMG_0677 IMG_0680 IMG_0681

Step 4: Decide how you will attach your felt/ornaments/buttons/ribbons. I went with a hot glue gun due to time constraint. A word of caution when using hot glue on a sweater, put a barrier between the front and back (I used a piece of cardboard) or you might glue your sweater closed.


Step 5: Create!

IMG_0741 IMG_0740

I love how they both turned out, but my husband’s Reindeer butt won the ugly sweater contest unanimously! Now the question is, will I keep these for next year or make new ones?

Have a Crafty Day!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat, my sister is sharing here pattern after OVERWHELMING requests (yours truly included). Enjoy!

tmnt crochet hat

After the unexpected response I received for my Ninja Turtles hat, I am FINALLY posting this tutorial post!  Several readers have asked for it and I love knowing I can make atleast 1 person happy with this pattern.

Remember, I in no way consider myself an expert.  This is a pattern I drafted up that works for me and I hope to provide it in a clear manner.  I am available for any questions.  Feel free to use this pattern to create as many hats as you desire, even to sell….Just remember to give credit where its due.  Do not claim this pattern as your own.  That’s not nice.


What you will need:

  • Crochet hook:

>>Size G and H  (us size)

  • Worsted weight yarn/4 :

            >>1 skein green (suggested Vanna’s choice in Kelly Green)

            >>second color yarn for the “mask”

           >>small amount of white and black…

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It’s been awhile

Wow! It has been over a month since my last post. What have I been doing? Sooo much!

Our ETSY store has been getting orders like crazy! Yes, I am bragging a little bit. But not only that, my neighbors and local community has been bombarding me with custom character hat orders. It has been challenging, stressful, and a whole lot of fun! Now that things are slowing down ever so slightly, I can share some of my creative projects with you, yay!

First up is a special Mario Mushroom hat for an adorable 6 month old in my community. I found this awesome pattern by Marie Porter from Celebration Generation. Adorable! This was my stepping off point. After studying the pattern for a bit, I concluded 2 things; 1. I needed to make the pattern larger since this seemed to be for a newborn, and 2. I really wanted my hat to billow out more, and not be a form fitting beanie. SUCCESS!


First thing I did was use the general make-up of Red Heart yarn’s top hat pattern. Since I made this top hat for my Halloween costume, I was familiar with it. The double strand single crochet makes the hat very stiff and allows it to stand up without any additional assistance.

IMG_0512I used the basic  crochet hat pattern  in double strand, single crochet for a 18-24 month old, 18 inch circle. Now you may be wondering, why 18-24 months? Isn’t the baby 6 months old and the approximate size, according to the pattern, is 16 inches? Why yes, but remember when I said I wanted the hat to billow? I crocheted 3 rows after the increase and then I decreased to the appropriate size. I changed yarn color, only used one strand, and changed my stitch to half double crochet for the remainder of the hat. Added some eyes, and white circles, viola!IMG_0421

Instead of posting the actual pattern, I decided to give you the “formula” of how I came up with my pattern. This way you can use the formula to make this mushroom hat in any size you need. Remember, I am just a crafter like you, and do not claim to be any kind of expert, just someone who enjoys yarnology and wanting to share my knowledge.

Have a Crafty Day!