Magnificent Maleficent

I don’t have very many family traditions, we’re not really the kind of family that keeps them. The one tradition that hasn’t faded away is Halloween. Maybe being born on Oct 29th makes me a Halloween baby. Maybe because my sister and first son were both born in October too. But every single year, since I could remember, my mom always made a big fuss over Halloween.

We’d spend two months getting ready for it. Sometimes this included scouring the churches and Good Wills for our costumes. Two to three nights before “the big night” my mom would open up her Avon hutch. Now this was a large, orange wooden hutch packed, like a game of Tetris, with small Avon boxes. She had all the colors of the rainbow, glitter, fake eyelashes, and little gems you can glue on your face. It didn’t really matter what our costumes were, it was our make-up that everyone went nuts over.

My mom only really had one costume, a bumble bee. Pretty sure she still has it. Some years she would dress in all black but she ALWAYS painted her face; a dog, a cat, a she-devil. This lady could be a make-up artist for movies with some of the things she could do.

Since we’ve moved to the East coast and my family is on the West, we do everything possible to stay connected. I decided to use my new found crochet talent to make my mom a hat for Halloween. Scouring Pinterest (I know, I’m addicted) I came across this Etsy shop, Harvester Products,  that has AMAZING Disney crochet hats….and hair! Naturally, as a crafter, we look at something and think, “I can make that.” So I put myself to the test and started making my Mom’s favorite character, Maleficent.

I started with your standard crochet beanie, with short ear flaps and a tiny earflap to make the “widow’s peak” of the headdress. I stitched a purple chain down the center of the beanie.


The horns were simple enough, with black yarn, and starting with a magic loop, I crocheted it in HDC throughout, adding gradual and dramatic increases here and there, adding purple where I felt it looked good. There was no rhyme or reason to how I made the horns, so I do not have a pattern to share with you, it was just me experimenting. Then I stuffed them with stuffing. IMG_0217

Here’s is really where I had to think about what I was doing. How would I get them to stand up straight? How would I keep the stuffing from spilling out through the DC of the hat? I went to my local Hobby Lobby, and walked around until, ta-da, floral wire! I inserted 4 wires in each horn, and spiraled the bottom to prevent poking. Then I crocheted a circle to fit the base of the horns and attached each to the hat. The wires helped with the unique shaping of Maleficent’s horns.


I had such a difficult time keeping the headdress a secret while it made it’s we to my mom in CA via USPS. She was super excited when she received it. To be honest, I was sad to see it go, but it made my mom happy and I know she will treasure it. Here is my finished product:


Have a Crafty Day!



7 thoughts on “Magnificent Maleficent

  1. I know you said there was no rhyme or reason to the horns, but could you make instructions or a video of the general way you made it? I’d LOVE to have something like this to wear when I go see the movie. I might not make the horns exactly the same way, but it would really help.

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