Losing Half of Myself

I’m going to go off of the crafty portion that I’m known for with this post, but it is something that all women, Mothers, and those of us that craft battle with…WEIGHT! Dun-dun-duuuun!

As crafters, we have a predominantly sedentary “job.” Unless you have a job that you can do while exercising, professional sports entertainer is the only thing that comes to mind, the only payment we get from watching our weight is being healthy, and the satisfaction of liking the way our clothes fit; better yet, liking the way we look in the buff =)

My battle with weight cycles around 3 key issues:

1. Being pregnant and having children take a toll on your body. The older you are, the harder it is to get that baby weight off.

2. Diet. I am a self proclaimed foodie, I love food! All types of food, and lots of it.

3. Time to exercise. I mean, who has it? Between taking care of the kids, making meals, doing housework, and finding time to sit with my yarn and make string pretty, I’m up till all hours of the night.

So here’s my before and after:

IMG_0216From a size 16 to a size 8!!!

Literally half of myself. How did I do it? Well I am not a trainer, or medical professional, but I will share the things that I did for my radical transformation. I hope it can help you like it helped me.

First let me say this DID NOT happen quickly, it has been a year and a half of hard work and changing many aspects of my diet. So if you want a get skinny quick answer…good luck with that, but it isn’t here.

The photo on the left was taken before I started getting serious about losing the weight I had accumulated from my last pregnancy, and I have to say seeing that photo was my “a-ha” moment. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I did not want him to come home to that photo. I needed to make some changes, and I needed help.

I became good friends with a Beachbody coach. Don’t laugh or snicker, home fitness plans work IF you follow the program, to be honest I did not follow my first program to the letter, but I LOVE the DVDs. Turbo Fire got me started, I saw dramatic differences with Hip Hop Abs.  You can read about my coach’s transformation here, she is fabulous, high energy, and truly dedicated to me and my fitness goals. Unlike a personal trainer, where you only have their attention if you pay, once Nancy is your coach she doesn’t leave your side. I haven’t ordered a program for about a year, I moved across the country, and my girl has not abandoned me. She calls me often, posts workouts and reminders, and gives me motivation daily. This was something I could do to burn those nasty things called calories, make time for without having to go anywhere, and still take care of my baby.

Then I looked at what I was eating and why I eat it. Have you said or heard “make sure you eat everything on your plate.” I’ve heard it, I’ve said it, but why? So we don’t waste food, yes, but if we don’t eat OUR food are those starving children in 3rd world countries not going to starve? Ummm…..NO! This steams from our parents, and our parent’s parents living through tough times and the Depression where you ate all your food because they didn’t know when they were going to eat again. Is there a light bulb turning on? This mentality, although very relevant in their time, has only developed confusion and eating disorders in our time.

I increased my fruits and vegetables, A LOT! Converted to whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice. These are HUGE changes, I did them gradually. I even tried Beachbody’s Shakeology for awhile and really loved the feeling and energy it gave me. Some key food advice from Nancy, don’t deny yourself the food you love, just don’t keep it in the house. Go out and buy one cookie from the bakery, instead of the bag of Oreos. Go out and buy a fountain drink from 7Eleven, medium size, filled 3/4 of the way with ice, instead of the 24 pack or 2-liter of Coke. This way you don’t feel like your missing out and you don’t have these high calorie items at arms reach. SMART RIGHT?

Now I only walk to pick up my kids from school, I try to exercise regularly. I joined a stroller fitness class and it doubles as a play date for my almost 3 year old. I finally have a handle on eating healthier and I am keeping the weight off. I hope some, or maybe all of these tips can assist in your weight management.

Have a Crafty Day! 


3 thoughts on “Losing Half of Myself

  1. Congrats!!! That is awesome! Thank you for sharing all of your insight on your loss! My husband is deployed right now and I began a diet for a while, then on his R&R I gained it all back. This seriously gives me the motivation to get back on track with losing weight before he comes home again. Thank you and congrats! 😀

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