Halloween Explosion

Wowwy, wow, wow, I have been going non-stop these past few weeks!

As you know, or do you, my sister and I share an ETSY shop, Chucks for Chancho. I started “guest posting” in her shop last year, and now we share many listings. It has been a whirlwind of orders, questions and requests. My sister, slightly more detail oriented than I, handles the on goings of the shop, she is the tech side and I am the PR side, or at least that’s how it began. We started this adventure when she was invited to her first craft fair last winter. She invited me to get a booth for my jewelry. Another tidbit of my past, before Etsy was the new Ebay for crafters, I had an Ebay shop where I sold beaded jewelry and hemp jewelry, but I couldn’t keep up when I went back to school. This was many, many moons ago. Back to my story, we decided to share a booth, her crochets and my knits. We were overcome by the compliments and sales, were invited to other events, and here we are.

Now that I can crochet too, we are rocking our handmade items. It’s been so busy with orders and fairs we barely have time to update our blogs and make new items. I am overwhelmed with our grand adventure! Some of our most popular Halloween hats are Frankenstein, Minions, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Monster High, and our new Jack Skelington from A Nightmare Before Christmas! Until things slow down a bit, my posts will be short and sweet, but I will keep you all updated. EXCITING!

IMG_0339 IMG_0340

Have a Crafty Day!


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