Toddler Puppy scarf

Last holiday season my sister found the cutest scarf on Pinterest. It was a toddler scarf with a button/hole closure but the button was a bow. It was adorable! There was only one obstacle, the scarf was knit and my sister is a crochet only gal.  Instead of sending it my way to whip up, she decided to make a crochet version. It was a hit! So many orders, including a large order from a boutique in San Francisco, and we sold out at each fair we went to.

Around this same time she was really into Amigurumi, teeny crochet or knit characters. So I suggested we attach an Amigurumi animal to the scarves instead of the bows. We both LOVED the idea, but it was never anything more then an idea until now!

Trumpets please…….presenting…….crochet toddler puppy scarf


Isn’t it fantastic? It took some trial and error to make the puppy head small enough to fit in the button hole. The amazing thing is, this can work with any favorite animal pattern, YEAH.

The knit version of the bow scarf can be found here, it is a wonderful tutorial.

The crochet version of the bow scarf can be found here, it is a tutorial that even beginner crocheters, like me, can follow. Here are some I made all by myself, he-he


To purchase a crochet toddler bow scarf click here.

Soon these cuties will be available in my sister’s ETSY shop, woo-hoo!


Have a Crafty Day!


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