Going to a DOD School

We are headed into the 2nd week of school. So far I am really impressed. My husband kept assuring me that the Department of Defense (DOD) schools are highly ranked, but there’s a difference between knowing and KNOWING.

At first I thought it highly odd because they have a Primary school (Pre K-2nd grade), an Intermediate school (3rd-5th grade), and the standard Middle school (6th-8th). My nerves were shot, I really liked my kid’s school in California, not only were they changing schools but they wouldn’t be able to support each other since one was going to Middle school! We were all very nervous. Then we meet my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. She is a retired Sergeant Major and her job in the Army?….MILITARY POLICE! I’m not going to lie, home schooling sounded really good. During our meet and greet she shared that her students generally raise their test scores greatly from the beginning to end of the school year; she said things like “I won’t waste your child’s time.” My daughter gave me this look like “SAVE ME!”

Well my daughter really enjoys her teacher. She has a lot of “war stories” she shares with the class that my daughter finds fascinating. My daughter said when she starts telling her stories she gets really serious, her voice changes, and she talks like she’s mad but she isn’t. I noticed this too, any time you talk to former military and they “talk shop” (about their career, experience, etc) there is this undeniable intensity that overcomes their persona, even their posture changes. Try it, it’s amazing!

On to my son’s open house. He has 7 classes. I remember only 6for Middle school. He starts school at 8:00am on the dot, out at 3pm, and has to wear a uniform. They have the grades broken into teams, still figuring that one out (I think it’s just for lunch and locker schedule). His teachers all seemed very nice and comforting, and we ran through his class schedule twice but he still got lost on the first day. First thing this morning I received a call from his math teacher, uh-oh right? Nope, she called me because she noticed he is on a completely different level then his peers and she wanted to discuss moving him into the advanced program, which will change his class schedule. I knew this was going to happen once his records were transferred, but after 1 week and they are already taking action…WOW. I mean this lady has 7 classes packed with students and she is able to evaluate them in a week? They are on point over here.

Here is some education humor for you.

edu90 toon_90

Have a Crafty Day!





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