So many Characters

I literally can’t stop making character hats. After posting on a crafts page for my new location, I have been bombarded with character hat requests. It has been amazing! I feel blessed and challenged, not to mention crazy busy. I thought I’d share two with you all, Halloween AND Christmas are just around the corner, hint hint.

My very good, and old friend, requested Minion hats for her 3 little Minions. This was not a very big challenge for me since my genius sister, and author of Chucks for Chancho, had already developed a pattern and posted a tutorial on her blog, and she also has them for sale in her ETSY shop. My friend wanted braids added and a pretty bow for her little girl. So I made a few slit adjustments to my sister’s pattern. I lengthened the ear flaps by substituting single crochet to a half double crochet, added braids for the girl, and twists for the boy.


Since these were the same, but different, I wanted her older daughter’s to be unique. I made the eyes smaller so we could use two and only used blue in the braids. I also added a tongue for fun. She liked it so much she ordered another for her sister.


To make the tongue make a magic loop, half double crochet 8, DO NOT CLOSE WITH A SLIP STITCH, simple bind off, synch your magic loop tight and sew the flat edge against the mouth.

The same day my friend asked for these, I received a request from a new friend for a few hats as well. Two were Hello Kitty hats. I recall my sister making a Hello Kitty inspired hat, so I could have easily asked her for her pattern, or asked her to make it, but where’s the fun in that? I think I rocked it on my own =)


Have a Crafty Day!

Knit Bow Ear warmer

With colder weather quickly approaching it is time to start thinking about staying warm, if you haven’t already. The question always is, how do I stay warm, look Chic, and be different? Well you make your own accessories, or find someone to make them for you.

This is a pattern I discovered last year, and it is a free Ravelry download. It is a knit bow ear warmer by Beth Postelwait. She uses short rows for shaping. If you are not familiar with short rows, here is a great Youtube video by Knitpicks to get you through it. She explains short rows, wrapping and turning, and making mistakes, so set time aside to watch the whole thing, it’s great for beginners.

What makes this pattern different from other bow ear warmer/headbands is the shaping. Sometimes when you add a bow to a headband it could look bulky or out of place. The shaping mimics the shape of the bow so it just….fits. Plus I L-O-V-E using the bow as an opportunity to practice my color work for larger projects. This style is so versatile, it can be worn many different ways.


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Toddler Puppy scarf

Last holiday season my sister found the cutest scarf on Pinterest. It was a toddler scarf with a button/hole closure but the button was a bow. It was adorable! There was only one obstacle, the scarf was knit and my sister is a crochet only gal.  Instead of sending it my way to whip up, she decided to make a crochet version. It was a hit! So many orders, including a large order from a boutique in San Francisco, and we sold out at each fair we went to.

Around this same time she was really into Amigurumi, teeny crochet or knit characters. So I suggested we attach an Amigurumi animal to the scarves instead of the bows. We both LOVED the idea, but it was never anything more then an idea until now!

Trumpets please…….presenting…….crochet toddler puppy scarf


Isn’t it fantastic? It took some trial and error to make the puppy head small enough to fit in the button hole. The amazing thing is, this can work with any favorite animal pattern, YEAH.

The knit version of the bow scarf can be found here, it is a wonderful tutorial.

The crochet version of the bow scarf can be found here, it is a tutorial that even beginner crocheters, like me, can follow. Here are some I made all by myself, he-he


To purchase a crochet toddler bow scarf click here.

Soon these cuties will be available in my sister’s ETSY shop, woo-hoo!


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Going to a DOD School

We are headed into the 2nd week of school. So far I am really impressed. My husband kept assuring me that the Department of Defense (DOD) schools are highly ranked, but there’s a difference between knowing and KNOWING.

At first I thought it highly odd because they have a Primary school (Pre K-2nd grade), an Intermediate school (3rd-5th grade), and the standard Middle school (6th-8th). My nerves were shot, I really liked my kid’s school in California, not only were they changing schools but they wouldn’t be able to support each other since one was going to Middle school! We were all very nervous. Then we meet my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. She is a retired Sergeant Major and her job in the Army?….MILITARY POLICE! I’m not going to lie, home schooling sounded really good. During our meet and greet she shared that her students generally raise their test scores greatly from the beginning to end of the school year; she said things like “I won’t waste your child’s time.” My daughter gave me this look like “SAVE ME!”

Well my daughter really enjoys her teacher. She has a lot of “war stories” she shares with the class that my daughter finds fascinating. My daughter said when she starts telling her stories she gets really serious, her voice changes, and she talks like she’s mad but she isn’t. I noticed this too, any time you talk to former military and they “talk shop” (about their career, experience, etc) there is this undeniable intensity that overcomes their persona, even their posture changes. Try it, it’s amazing!

On to my son’s open house. He has 7 classes. I remember only 6for Middle school. He starts school at 8:00am on the dot, out at 3pm, and has to wear a uniform. They have the grades broken into teams, still figuring that one out (I think it’s just for lunch and locker schedule). His teachers all seemed very nice and comforting, and we ran through his class schedule twice but he still got lost on the first day. First thing this morning I received a call from his math teacher, uh-oh right? Nope, she called me because she noticed he is on a completely different level then his peers and she wanted to discuss moving him into the advanced program, which will change his class schedule. I knew this was going to happen once his records were transferred, but after 1 week and they are already taking action…WOW. I mean this lady has 7 classes packed with students and she is able to evaluate them in a week? They are on point over here.

Here is some education humor for you.

edu90 toon_90

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