Crochet Character hat Craze!

Now that I know how to make character hats my hook is on fire! Check it out…


Crazy right? I can’t help myself, they are just so amazing. So let’s break it down…

The Frankenstein and Girl Frankie hat patterns are by Simply2irresistible. If your a reader of my blog then you know I am a returning customer to this ETSY shop. The patterns are that good, and easy to read, use, and create. You truly get the finished product very similar to hers (if you are good at following instructions). It is well worth the $3 she charges because of the many variations you can create. Tis hat pattern goes all the way up to adult sizes. I made one for my brother and he has a very large head, ha ha.


The owl hat pattern is courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me. This lady has my heart! She provides GREAT patterns for free! She welcomes you to sell your finished product giving her credit for the pattern, and so other crafters can find her. There are so many patterns I want to create from her blog, she is truly a selfless artist! I made a few variations to this owl, I substituted hDC for DC, following my Frankie pattern. I made the ear tuffs smaller, and the braids skinnier, more boyish looking I think.

Love the Dino hats! Here’s where I mixed it up. I used the hat pattern for the owl, without the color change, added contrasting trim, and used the twist braids from the Frankie pattern. The spike pattern was courtesy of Crochet Today.


I saw this Monster High inspired hat on ETSY, by CraftyAccessories123, and decided to make it. Again using the owl pattern for the hat, minus color change, and the rest I just figured out on my own.

My list is still long for other character hats I want to make, but I think I need a break…yeah RIGHT!

Have a Crafty Day!


6 thoughts on “Crochet Character hat Craze!

    • Hi Dorothy, I have a link in another post for a Minion tutorial by my sister, but here it is
      As for the braids. Decide how long you would like them, double that, and add 2 inches for knotting and braiding. Ex: if I want 4 inch braids, I will cut 12 pieces of 10 inch lengths. Fold lengths in half (all together, forming a loop). Find the middle, bottom of the earflap, bring the loop through, pull the free ends through that loop, and tighten. Braid, knot, and trim the ends. I hope this helps.

  1. Your hats are simply amazing! I’m trying to find the pattern for the skullanimals white girl with pink bow pattern. Any help will be greatly appreciated.i will direct people to wherever I obtain my directions from!

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