Back to Knitting

I feel like I have been crocheting non-stop, it was simply odd picking up my two needles again. But like riding a bike, I was soon making the familiar music of my two needles, the rapid clicking my husband could hear from our bedroom.

The debate between crochet and knitting is a never ending one. I really love both, or starting to anyway. With knitting, I can make the beautiful lacy look, or certain designs in my work, like climbing vines, that I just can’t figure out with crocheting. Knitting seems to make thinner, more pliable work. But oh, how crochet has stolen my heart and my hands. I absolutely love crocheted motifs! I just can’t stop making crochet character hats, especially since Halloween is rapidly approaching.

My sister, who runs the Chucks for Chancho ETSY store, had a fairly significant knit order for me. They were for some of my original creations. Knit baby legwarmers, and knit baby headbands.


I developed the idea, shaping, etc. with the assist of what I call my knit “bible,” Margaret Hubert’s The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting. Yes, in case you are wondering, I have her book for crochet as well, she is just THAT good. I paid retail price for mine, but Amazon has great deals. With this book there are endless possibilities. I still haven’t tried all the stitches, that is my goal, to make something with each stitch.

Have a Crafty Day!


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