Let’s Bloo this!

I have a hard time sitting through my little one’s shows. I can not stand the high pitched whiney voices of Elmo, and Caillou. Thanks to Netflix, we can sit and enjoy animation together. They have cool cartoons like Super Hero Squad, Jem, and the 90’s cartoons X-Men and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (Foster’s for short). There is a simply drawn blue character on there named  Blooregard (Bloo) Q. Kazoo, he’s a trouble maker and super funny. My son at 2 1/2 love, love, love’s Bloo better than any Disney or Sesame Street character.


I’ve been looking at making Halloween hats for upcoming fairs. My husband, in his genious, told me to make our son a Bloo beanie. YES! Totally doable, and didable (yes, that’s a made up word). I used a simple beanie pattern in half double crochet  from my previous post Crochet any hat Instructions. Used the first 4 steps of the beanie pattern for the eyes (starting with black yarn and color change to white at round 3. Substitute single crochet for round 4). And a length of double crochet with a decrease at the beginning and end for the mouth.


He recognized it straight away, and yelled at me for taking it to photograph. I think I did well, my little guy is tickled.



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