Exclusively for Dads

So with doing crafts with my sister, she does the sewing and crocheting, I did the knitting. Since I’ve moved and we won’t be readily available to each other, I’ve started spreading my wings.

As you well know, I have been getting good at my crochet stitching, even creating a few designs on my own, applause. Now there’s the sewing…….

I know how to sew. My stepmother is an accomplished seamstress, doing everything from tailoring to full weddings, including making the DRESS to the bridezillas specifications. Naturally I left the sewing aspect of our little business venture to the daughter of the seamstress. So buckling down with my Joanne’s coupons, I set out for fabric and OH did I find some…TONS!

Designer baby burp cloths are very successful. My sister has a tutorial on her blog. She usually uses a minky or chenille backing, but I needed practice, I went with a simple terry cloth.


Cute, but girly. Most of the burp cloth sets are girly or unisex. Is unisex even really unisex? Or is it just a way for Mommy’s to keep Dad’s from saying “Heck No!” “But it’s UNISEX” right? I’m not sold. I felt Dad’s needed me to be their voice in the one of a kind craft section of today’s Etsy shopping world. So Dads, this is for you. These will soon be featured in our Etsy shop for sale.

DSC00472DSC00468 DSC00471

Have A Crafty Day!


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