Life in a Box

We FINALLY have our house, are mostly unpacked, and have Internet, YEH!

It amazes me how your life can just “fit in a box” and what doesn’t fit gets thrown out. That’s one way to clear the clutter away.

Moving House

I feel awfully annoyed that there isn’t one set military house plan. That way no matter where you move, there won’t be any weird surprises. We went from a 2 car garage to a 1 car garage, so it’s either get rid of your stuff, or park outside. Plus we have this really weird large closet in the powder room, of all places! I mean, come on! Who the heck looked at the bathroom and said, “Hmmm, this would be an awesome place for a wall-to-wall closet.” Probably the same inventor of the double decker taco.

stuffed closet


However, I am loving the extra large kitchen, big enough for an island, the kitchen nook, and larger bedrooms. It seems odd that the yards aren’t fenced in, I haven’t experienced that until Fort Bragg, but it works well for my children’s social life. I am so relieved to be on an active military base again. It is truly like a mini city. Thanks to all being part of the same “club” if you will, it makes it simpler to find common ground. It seems as though the first 3 questions are, “Where are you guys from? What Unit is your husband with? How many kids/how old?” Technically that last question is 2, but it is more of a 2-parter. I am desperately trying to get my bearings, this place is enormous, lucky for me I have met some very intriguing, and truly nice people so far.


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