Monster hat pattern review

Since I am new to crocheting, I occasionally need assistance with new creations. I am not to proud to admit that I am a pattern purchaser. YUP, that’s right, I pay money for patterns. That way I can have the satisfaction of creating something by hand, without the hair pulling of figuring out shaping, decreasing, etc.

I recently purchased a few patterns from Simply2Irresistible on Etsy. I HIGHLY recommend her. First you’ll need to know basics of crocheting, YouTube is a terrific resource for that. All you’ll need to do is input the stitch name, crochet, and a well placed “How to” and you’ll get tons of help.

Back to the pattern, I bought the Monster hat pattern, it is a total catch all. She provides you with instructions on hat sizes from newborn to adult. From there you create your own unique hat with the tools she gives you. Flaps, or no flaps? Braids, or twists? Spikes or horns? Eyes in all different shapes, circles or stars? Fangs for teeth or square teeth? So many possibilities!

These two are my newest ones.

DSC00618 DSC00593

See? Both completely different and totally awesome. Thanks R. McColm for the pattern assist, you rock!

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Let’s Bloo this!

I have a hard time sitting through my little one’s shows. I can not stand the high pitched whiney voices of Elmo, and Caillou. Thanks to Netflix, we can sit and enjoy animation together. They have cool cartoons like Super Hero Squad, Jem, and the 90’s cartoons X-Men and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (Foster’s for short). There is a simply drawn blue character on there named  Blooregard (Bloo) Q. Kazoo, he’s a trouble maker and super funny. My son at 2 1/2 love, love, love’s Bloo better than any Disney or Sesame Street character.


I’ve been looking at making Halloween hats for upcoming fairs. My husband, in his genious, told me to make our son a Bloo beanie. YES! Totally doable, and didable (yes, that’s a made up word). I used a simple beanie pattern in half double crochet  from my previous post Crochet any hat Instructions. Used the first 4 steps of the beanie pattern for the eyes (starting with black yarn and color change to white at round 3. Substitute single crochet for round 4). And a length of double crochet with a decrease at the beginning and end for the mouth.


He recognized it straight away, and yelled at me for taking it to photograph. I think I did well, my little guy is tickled.


Exclusively for Dads

So with doing crafts with my sister, she does the sewing and crocheting, I did the knitting. Since I’ve moved and we won’t be readily available to each other, I’ve started spreading my wings.

As you well know, I have been getting good at my crochet stitching, even creating a few designs on my own, applause. Now there’s the sewing…….

I know how to sew. My stepmother is an accomplished seamstress, doing everything from tailoring to full weddings, including making the DRESS to the bridezillas specifications. Naturally I left the sewing aspect of our little business venture to the daughter of the seamstress. So buckling down with my Joanne’s coupons, I set out for fabric and OH did I find some…TONS!

Designer baby burp cloths are very successful. My sister has a tutorial on her blog. She usually uses a minky or chenille backing, but I needed practice, I went with a simple terry cloth.


Cute, but girly. Most of the burp cloth sets are girly or unisex. Is unisex even really unisex? Or is it just a way for Mommy’s to keep Dad’s from saying “Heck No!” “But it’s UNISEX” right? I’m not sold. I felt Dad’s needed me to be their voice in the one of a kind craft section of today’s Etsy shopping world. So Dads, this is for you. These will soon be featured in our Etsy shop for sale.

DSC00472DSC00468 DSC00471

Have A Crafty Day!

New Venture

So before I left California, my friend hosted a party, and I fell in L-O-V-E!

The company name is Nomades, they sell sterling silver jewelry and charms (think Pandora from Kay’s) through Independent Consultants. So what? What’s so special about them? Glad you asked, he he, they specialize in military and patriotic charms. The company was started by Military wives that wanted something to represent their faithful service as a wife, to their husband, their husband’s branch of service, and their country. This jewelry is so unique because it tells your story. Stationed at Fort Bragg, there’s a charm for that, it is a sterling silver Iron Mike (a statue on post). Stationed at Camp Pendleton, there’s a charm for that, a little surfboard, fitting since they have their own beach. There are military specialty charms, dog tag charms, service emblem charms, charms that can be engraved, the whole kitten caboodle.

The bracelet also grows with you. Change duty stations, order the representing charm. SO COOL! There is a saying, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt,” well been there, done that, got the CHARM!

I am now one of the newer Independent Nomades Consultant, and I have my very own replicated website and FaceBook page. Check it out.

I have been out of the Marine Corp for almost 11 years now….wow….but I decided I will complete a bracelet representing MY military career before I work on one representing me as a military spouse, my husband, and our life together. Almost done!

DSC00487 DSC00486

Have a Crafty Day!

Crochet any hat Instructions

Super excited! I found the absolute best website that teaches you basic hat making techniques to make ANY hat! It is called Beginner Crochet Patterns, and there are many free patterns on here and links to many ETSY shops.

Click here for instructions on how to crochet a hat-any style-any size, then add your own special something.

I went with a basic newsboy hat with contrasting trim, cute little buttons, and a flower. The possibilities are endless….

DSC00482 DSC00479 DSC00478

Have a Crafty Day!


OVW Granny Bottom Bag

I am on a super bag kick as of late. I think it is one of the best summer yarn accessary, plus it couples my knowledge of sewing, CRAFT POWERS UNITE!

Since I am trying to perfect my crochet stitches to the, oh so high, perfectionist, standards of my sister, I try to use YouTube as much as possible. One of my all time favorite YouTubers is OVW (One Virtuous Woman). She is really easy to understand, is funny, and gives great instructions. Her Granny bottom bag is really simple, an over sized granny square with the sides gathered in. WHAT? Yup, that’s it.

Her video is a 2 parter, the first part is the granny square. Link:

Second part is decreasing the sides. She forgets to tell you to add the lining before decreasing, so ADD THE LINING BEFORE DECREASING. Link:

I sewed the lining by hand, which is not very easy for me. I used this video to perfect my hand whip stitch, just fast forward till about 8 minutes in for the hand whip stitch. Sound quality is not great, but viewing is fantastic. Link:

I loved making this bag! This is what mine looks like.


Have a Crafty Day!

Life in a Box

We FINALLY have our house, are mostly unpacked, and have Internet, YEH!

It amazes me how your life can just “fit in a box” and what doesn’t fit gets thrown out. That’s one way to clear the clutter away.

Moving House

I feel awfully annoyed that there isn’t one set military house plan. That way no matter where you move, there won’t be any weird surprises. We went from a 2 car garage to a 1 car garage, so it’s either get rid of your stuff, or park outside. Plus we have this really weird large closet in the powder room, of all places! I mean, come on! Who the heck looked at the bathroom and said, “Hmmm, this would be an awesome place for a wall-to-wall closet.” Probably the same inventor of the double decker taco.

stuffed closet


However, I am loving the extra large kitchen, big enough for an island, the kitchen nook, and larger bedrooms. It seems odd that the yards aren’t fenced in, I haven’t experienced that until Fort Bragg, but it works well for my children’s social life. I am so relieved to be on an active military base again. It is truly like a mini city. Thanks to all being part of the same “club” if you will, it makes it simpler to find common ground. It seems as though the first 3 questions are, “Where are you guys from? What Unit is your husband with? How many kids/how old?” Technically that last question is 2, but it is more of a 2-parter. I am desperately trying to get my bearings, this place is enormous, lucky for me I have met some very intriguing, and truly nice people so far.