Not so Easy

When I was an enlisted Marine I never appreciated Military Wives. It annoyed me the amount of complaining my fellow Marines expressed about their wives discontent. It always seemed like the wives around us hated WM’s (Women Marines, now the PC term is Female Marine). Now that I am a military spouse, it makes sense.


We have been at Fort Bragg for about three weeks now. We are still living in a hotel (until Monday, YAY!), and less than a week in, my husband is pulling 14 hour days. Their doing some training operations, we used to call them “backyard ops,” real world situational training on base, “in our backyard.” So here we are, the toddler and I, in our little cell, not knowing the area, or anyone in it. The people my husband works with sees him more than we do, which might account for the animosity I sensed when I was enlisted.

I thought since I have a military background this transition would somehow be easier, silly, silly, mistaken me. Most people say “Well at least your together,” especially since my husband is recently home from Afghanistan. Yes and No; this is a nice sentiment but as I explained to my MIL (mother-in-law), I went from 100% support to 1%. I had my entire family less than 20 minutes away, his family a few hours away, and knew my entire block of neighbors. From this great support system, I have 1, my husband, who is basically just here to sleep. It is not so easy being a Military Spouse. I am older and wiser then my 10 year ago self, and kinda wanna slap her.


I know it will get better, I just need to get my sea legs. I will get used to the area, find friends, and make a home out of this Post. Life is full of peaks and valleys, right now I happen to be climbing a peak, a very, very steep peak, and it’s my first so I haven’t developed my endurance yet.

On a side note, why are Army bases called posts but are titled “Forts” (Fort Bragg, Fort Drum), but Marine bases are called bases but titled “Camps” (Camp Lejeune, Camp Foster) Weird….

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2 thoughts on “Not so Easy

  1. I love hearing about this from a former female marine’s perspective! I sometimes wonder what female military members think of military spouses. I think about my complaints (the Mr being gone, not knowing anyone around, having to do it all myself while the Mr goes on wet-downs in a foreign country), but then I think about the female marines…toughened, strong, hardened and I tell myself to put my big-girl panties on and get over it. Thanks for sharing this unique point of view!

    • Thank you for the comment, so sorry for the late reply but still do not have internet, hazards of the military move. In many ways, following orders is so much easier than the waiting, watching, worrying, explaining, and…oh yeah, the waiting.

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