Patriotic Infinity scarf

I am a self proclaimed knitter, I’ve been a knitter since my daughter was a wee one. It took me years to finally learn crochet, and now I can’t seem to step away from it. I feel so unfaithful to needles, I’m cheating on them with a HOOK!!! That hook is a dirty, dirty mistress that entices me with it’s brightness, pins on Pinterest and oh so many Youtube videos. Seriously, when I look up a possible project, there are way more crochet videos than knit. Plus my sister is always coming up with the cutest DIY’s and they’re all crochet. Oh woe is the double needles that have fallen into the peer pressure of the single with a hooked tip; AKA ME!  

Well enough of that….. I have made my first original crochet project, WOOT WOOT! 

Fayetteville is proclaimed as “America’s Hometown” (I didn’t make it up, it’s in their destination guide), so I’m pretty confident they take 4th of July celebrations seriously around here. I decided that I must be prepared to show my patriotism. Hence the birth of my Patriotic infinity scarf (trumpets playing)……


It was a lot of fun to make. I used my new favorite inexpensive Red Heart With Love yarn. I first found it at Walmart, Joanne’s has a great selection also, and Michael’s started carrying it. It is softer than the regular Red Heart yarn, but the same thickness. I think it’s great!

For the body I used US L crochet hook (8.00MM), and for the area the buttons are on I used a US K crochet hook (6.50MM). The colors can be used in any way you like, my pattern was red, white, blue, white, repeat. For my scarf A is red, B is White and C is blue. I crocheted this piece in the round.

Chain 100 with color A, connect with slip stitch

Round 1: Color A, Single crochet across

Round 2: Color B, Single crochet across

Round 3: Color C, Double crochet in back loop only

Round 4: Color B, Single crochet across

Round 5: Color A, single crochet in back loop only

Repeat these 5 round until the desired length. I repeated 6 times on my piece.

Since the colors change so often I carried the yarns up with every new row, a trick I learned in knitting. The small piece I attached; chain 18 with smaller hook, and single crochet until desired length (The shorter the piece the more “scrunch the scarf will have); hides the carrying of the yarn.

DSC00325 DSC00344

And there you go…  


Have a Craft Day


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