Cartoon voices recycled

Have you ever noticed that cartoon voices get recycled over the years? The industry must only have a handful of voice actors. Makes me wonder how hard it is…..or is it?

Where does this come from you ask? Well in my little cell of a hotel room, the only entertainment we have (besides jumping on the hotel bed) is the T.V., thank you “idiot box!” Me on the internet and my two year old watching Cartoon Network, and I hear the voice of the son from “American Dad.” I jump up, because although I love this show, and was watching it late last night, it is highly inappropriate for my little one. It was not “American Dad” but a kid show. Naturally I started thinking about all the different shows that have the same voices. Two come to mind as the most recognizable for me.

Cree Summer is the voice of the purple poodle, Chloe, from “Clifford the Big Red Dog” on PBS. I recognized the voice but it took me awhile to realize she is also the voice of Number 5 from “Code name: Kids Next Door” that I used to watch all the time. Number 5 was the coolest KND ever! She is on tons more, like Curious George, episodes and 2nd movie, and Elmyra from “Tiny Toon Adventures.”

cree summer no_five

The best and most recognizable for me is the ever talented, hilarious, and OH SO HANDSOME (yeah I said it!), Patrick Warburton. His list of voiced characters is ridiculous! The Tick, Kronk (Emperor’s New Groove), Buzz Lightyear (the Disney series), Joe Swanson (Family Guy) , Rip Riley (Archer). I can’t even fit them all. Every time I hear his voice the channel surfing stops.

patrick warburton

Who is your most recognizable animated voice?

Have a Crafty Day


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