A visit Downtown was a let down

Coming from California, I have certain expectations of Downtown living. Typically this is where all the quaint little shops are, restaurants for all cultures and maybe a farmers market with locally grown produce, or even local artists and their crafts. I was naive to think this was standard practice for downtown areas across the Nation, that was my first mistake, but certainly not my last.

As we drove into downtown Fayetteville I was excited, the buildings were beautifully historic and there was a clock tower smack in the middle. Hello photo ops!

DSC00300 DSC00292 DSC00293

Enter my next mistake, it was a Sunday. Saturday and Sundays are pretty big shopping days since it is the weekend and the 9 to 5’ers are typically off. this being said, most of the smaller shops will close on Monday or Tuesday. Every single shop was CLOSED!!! But there were cars everywhere? There are two large churches, so I suppose I’d be categorized as a heathen; not going to church and wanting to shop instead?

I was super bummed. No farmers market, and I could count the number of eateries open on one hand. This does not bode well for my new residence.

Worse thing: There are some really COOL shops here. How do I know since they were closed you ask? I was not too proud to cup my eyes against the shop windows. There are adorable antic shops and artsy home decor shops. There is also a do-it-yourself bead shop where you can host “make it and take it” jewelry parties. Also a yarn shop, and a wine shop (Choir of Angels singing).


Best thing: I can go back on an open day! Which may be tricky with my little one and a wide stroller. Not to mention they have an amazingly yummy coffee shop called “Rude Awakening” that also sells truffles. Until next time.

Have a Crafty Day


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