Steps and Ladders stitch (Rib and Welt)

With our home not being ready till the first of July, thank you Army, we are staying at an extended stay hotel. It’s not too bad, unless you consider the zero privacy mommy and daddy have, the zero space for the little bit we brought with us, and the 2-burner electric stove (OH, how I hate electric burners), and the no oven which limits our menu greatly. Hey, it can always be worse, I mean we can be here during hurricane season, having thunderstorms and flooding, what a minute….AAAHHHH!!! (eyes closed tight, heels clicking) “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,” nope…still here.

Well taking it all into account, I have tons of knitting/crocheting, and blogging time. I thought I’d share one of my favorite stitches, steps and ladders. It’s very versatile, and a simple knit and purl series. Plus, I think it has a kind of masculine feel to it. I’ve made a few projects with this pattern, first a hat for my big Bro, in his favorite Raider color scheme.  Picture 166

A couple days ago I whipped up a toddler cowl for my little guy. He loves choo-choo trains so that meant a trip to Walmart for some novelty train buttons. They’re kind of difficult to button and unbutton, but oh so cute!DSC00275

It’s so difficult to get a 2-year old to stand still for a picture, they mostly end up blurry, or a huge shot of his face, lol.DSC00287

Once and awhile I can get a decent one, I discovered the secret is using continuous shooting.


I got this stitch from Vogue Stitchionary Volume 1, hard copy. Luckily Lily Sugar ‘n Cream has it available for free =), this is a link to their new free pattern directory. It is officially called Rib and Welt pattern, just click the link for the stitch, but I like steps and ladders better, yes, I’m one of those that renames things.

Have a Crafty Day


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