Site seeing on the move.

With my husbands report date looming we don’t have a whole lot of time for site seeing. He did plan some awesome stops, but we can’t fit them all in. My kids are being great with the drive, but their patience thins after a few hours, as does mine, so stopping every 3-4 hours is a must! We spent a couple days between California and Nevada visiting family so our first “official” site seeing stop was the Hoover Dam.

DSC00017 DSC00021

It was ridiculously hot and the kids just wanted to get back in car with air conditioning. On toward the Grand Canyon which was a specific request from my daughter. But first Historic Route 66. DSC00045

Now I know Route 66 spans all the way till St. Louis (about), but this was the only place we saw that was touristy. Boy was it touristy! Themed restaurants, shops, even a theatrical wild west shoot out in the street. If you’re going to the Grand Canyon definitely stop in Williams for the night! It’s only an hour from the Grand Canyon so we got an early start the next day.

DSC00080We took a wrong turn and ended up on the other side of the South Rim. That’s what we get for winging it. There are several view point areas. After the first two, the kids were bored with looking at the hole in the ground. We still saw a few more before continuing our journey.


There wasn’t a whole lot else we wanted to see, so we made up some time and arrived at in North Carolina 5 days later, taking our time and only driving about 6 hours a day. I’ve discovered that a toddler can only sit in the car for 6 hours without crying when one tries to put him back in his car seat after a diaper change….good to know.


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