Crochet puff stitch infinity cowl

I am extremely new to crocheting, I’m talking about just a few months now. So any and all crochet posts are for beginners, and typically are ideas spring boarded from my sister’s blog ChucksforChancho.

Driving in the car for five hours at a time, stopping for bathroom breaks or to change the movie on the portable DVD player, means I need yarn projects that are easy, established and can be put down and picked up easily. The puff stitch cowl was a shoe in for some car crocheting.

The creator of this great pattern has a blog “All About Ami” she has some great stuff, if only I could understand it. Just click here for the pattern. I was only able to get through making this scarf with my sister showing me in person, and this YouTube video from Crochet Geek when I got stuck or confused. The video from Crochet Geek only does a 7 stitch puff, and Ami’s pattern calls for a 9 stitch puff, but you get the concept of the stitch.

The instructions to make the scarf an infinity just said to join, I tried seaming it together, like I would normally do with knit work, but it didn’t look quite right. Instead, I matched up the ends and continued in the established pattern crocheting through the matching bars between the puffs as I normally would when adding a row. This is one of the spring color infinity cowls I came up with.

DSC00165 I love using super bright yarn colors that pop  when worn with a subtle shirt. I also have a knack for adding a little something to the things I make. I’ll throw on a flower, butterfly, jewel, button, or a combination of a few. I felt that this pattern was great, but it needed a little flair. So luckily I packed a bin of yarn, yay!


Here is my eccentric version of this scarf. Since it’s meant to wrap around the neck twice, tri-color seemed the way to go to get the effect I was looking for. LOVE IT, DID IT, KEEPING IT!!


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