Hello to the world of the blog

Every mother needs some “me” time, especially we stay at home types. Some garden, but unfortunately I have a black thumb. Some clean compulsively, to which I think, as soon as my baby wakes up or my kids get home it’ll look like a tornado has come through. Some bake, or gourmet cook, well that’s just not for me. Me? Well I craft. Crafting is such a huge category now-a-days so I’ll be more specific, ready? (deep breath) I make beaded jewelry, macrame in the form of hemp jewelry, sew, knit, and have just added crochet to the list. I love do-it-yourself crafts and I see crafting as yet another form of art and self expression.

So you start a blog? Well, to be honest, it really wasn’t my idea. It was one of my sister’s (I have 4). We both love crafts. She is the crocheter of the family and has her own blog, http://chucksforchancho.com/, and Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChucksForChancho. I have just started contributing to her Etsy shop, and am continuing to create for sale, I mean once you have made gifts for friends and family, it is the next logical step. My sister found herself wondering what I’m working on, and suggested a blog. So here it is, in the making.





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