New camera habit

My loving husband bought me the new hot pink Ipod for my birthday back in October. He even had it engraved with “I love, love you” which I’m sure the engravers thought was a mistake but did it anyway. This came as a wonderful surprise since he was in Afghanistan at the time. Now… you can imagine my dismay when my affectionate gift slide out of my back pocket and plopped into the toilet at our farewell grill cheese social (think about having one, it’s amaz-zing). Jeremy, my hubby, tried all the tricks to fix it and dry the circuits, but to no avail. Well R.I.P. Ipod, you will be missed, but I’m holding out hope for a visit to the Apple store.

I was told it would be awhile before I got another one, again, holding out hope. With our move and site seeing adventures, no ipod, old camera packed, we NEEDED a camera. Happy dance, happy dance. I adore my fancy, smancy, new camera (Sony, Cyber-shot) and all the cool features, I’m going nuts with taking artsy style pictures on this trip. Here’s a peek at my new habit.

DSC00023DSC00039 DSC00090 DSC00072 DSC00116

I know, the sky is a little much, but I was staring out of the window while we were driving, just gazing at it and thought, this would make a cool Costco picture/painting for our soon to be new bathroom. This is just one of them, he-he. I think since my creativity can’t flow with creating new yarn accessories, I need another outlet, voila! I’ll save the rest of my fast clicky fingers for another segment on the sites we visited.

Military Move

army and marine

Being married to a military member can mean uprooting the family to follow their career path. Needs of the military and all. Being a former enlisted Marine, I was used to moving, but only moving myself. It has been almost 10 years since my enlistment ended, now 3 years into my marriage to an active duty Soldier, this is my first move with a van full of rambunctious kids.

I am deeply thankful to the inventor of the portable DVD player. As a child, my dad had a gigantic van with a t.v. inside, the kind of vans with the boomerang antenna on the top. The screen was super hard to see from the sofa backseat, so not very entertaining. My kids have been so quiet and cooperative, Mr. portable DVD inventor needs a medal.

Back to the military move process…

Contracted movers invade your house and box EVERYTHING!! When I say everything, I mean it. My neighbor left the knobs for the stove with her clean dishes…packed. I dismantled a smoke detector to change the battery…packed. All you need to do in preparation is separate anything not going with the movers, and clean. It is only inconvenient in the fact that, “I DON’T WANNA!” Yet here we are, car packed to a bursting point and 4 days in. We’ve visited family, did some site seeing and we’re part of the way there.


One of the most annoying parts of this move is waiting for housing. Military installations have great housing. The downside is our quarters will not be available until July 1st. Ummm, we haven’t hit June yet! Options? Rent off Post (Yeah the Army calls them Posts, Marines call them Bases, go figure). I like on base…um…post living, so take the bad with the good I guess.

To help me through this I pack a bin, that’s right, a bin of yarn. Knitting has helped keep my mind occupied while my Soldier was in Afghanistan this past year, so yes a bin.  And being apart from him for so long, stressed, worried, knitting, I would move tens times over.

Oops knitting: Large Multi-colored knit sack

This is something I like to call “oops knitting”

My creations are inspired by all sorts of things. Sometimes I look at something and think, I can make that. This was one of those times that it didn’t work out the way I thought, but it turned into something wonderful.

I saw a picture of a striped, textured baby blanket and thought it would be great for my little one for tummy time. The textures were simple, each color was in a different stitch, garter, stockinette, or seed. The photo was shades of pink, blue and green. I thought my little guy needed something brighter. This is what I came up with:


There was just something about this blanket that I wasn’t satisfied with, so I put it down and worked on other projects until I could decide what exactly it was. Fast forward about a year and I came across this piece again while organizing my yarn. Then it hit me, this is not a blanket, it’s a sack, just decrease the bottom, sew up the seam, add a strap and a closure, and viola!


The closure was an interesting addition. If I started this project as a bag, I think I would have incorporated some yarn overs to add an i-cord drawstring closure. Since I worked backwards, started knitting and changed my project mid-stride (OOPS), I had to get creative. I attached a round key ring and 3 clasp key hooks from my collection of crafty items. It makes a nice scrunchy closure, and easily access. The buttons are purely aesthetic.    Image

This is one of those projects that you really can’t go wrong on. It’s fun and simple with endless possibilities.


Hello to the world of the blog

Every mother needs some “me” time, especially we stay at home types. Some garden, but unfortunately I have a black thumb. Some clean compulsively, to which I think, as soon as my baby wakes up or my kids get home it’ll look like a tornado has come through. Some bake, or gourmet cook, well that’s just not for me. Me? Well I craft. Crafting is such a huge category now-a-days so I’ll be more specific, ready? (deep breath) I make beaded jewelry, macrame in the form of hemp jewelry, sew, knit, and have just added crochet to the list. I love do-it-yourself crafts and I see crafting as yet another form of art and self expression.

So you start a blog? Well, to be honest, it really wasn’t my idea. It was one of my sister’s (I have 4). We both love crafts. She is the crocheter of the family and has her own blog,, and Etsy shop I have just started contributing to her Etsy shop, and am continuing to create for sale, I mean once you have made gifts for friends and family, it is the next logical step. My sister found herself wondering what I’m working on, and suggested a blog. So here it is, in the making.